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High CCR due to plugging of spraying wash

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    Freddy Martinez

    I have a problem in my coker unit that spray nozzles in tower above the quenched coke drum effluent found always plugged, so the carbon residue of HCGO is always high and out of target
    I need any solution for this problem or any alternate.   thank u

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    If you have drum overhead quenching, increase the quench rate.

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    Claus Graf

    This system should have a medium pressure steam supply downstream of the control valve.
    In case of a loss of wash oil flow, the medium pressure steam will clear the HKGO in the header and prevent it from coking. (It doesn’t take long to plug the washoil spray header).

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    Thank u very much, i will see MPS idea and its effect on fractionator pressure and other unit conditions.

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    what about increse the spray nozzels size ? or even inject HGO instead of HHGO and see

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