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high C1 yield

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    recently, we ar facing an high pressure at the wet gas compresor suction leading to building upn the pressure at fractionator OVHD reaching to 0.8 barg V.S. 0.5 as design.
    Pressures in the VRU are normal and sour gas yield is in limits.
    many checks wrer done for F.G leakes to the system and nothing found.
    by analyzing samples from suctions of 1st and 2nd stages of the compressor, we found that theC1 content is 42% mole while the design is 30% mole so, the M.Wt is 27 while the design is 32.
    what may be the reasons for this trouble and how can we solve it.
       we are injecting MPS with rate of about 2 ton/hr just before the switch valve to protect transfer line from plugging put without and effect on coke drum presure. could this steam affect the the tendency to produce lighter products.
    i will appreciate ur reply.

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