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Help with Acoustic Drum Monitoring

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    John Stephens

    I am working on an upgrade for a delayed coker unit. We are building drill shacks on the cutting deck for personnel protection during unheading and cutting. The owners would like an acoustic system designed to allow the operators to hear the water jet hitting the drum walls. Currently this is how the operators know if they have cut through all the coke . The owners  have rejected any sort of contact type monitor that attachs directly to the drum. They have requested a microphone installed above the drum. I am having trouble locating vendors that have equipment that is suitable for this application. Class 1 Div 2 electrical plus resitant to heat and nasty coke environment. I would like to converse with anyone who has experience with this type of system.

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    I would reconsider installing a device on the drum or piping near the top.  I believe this will work and can be used while looking for an acoustic device.  In the end, two systems may be redundant but they will give the operators more confidence in each system.  A good thing – operators with confidence.

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    We have a vendor that is going to come to the site and attempt to set up an acoustic system for testing. I will post results afterwards.

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    Lucas Revellon

    OhmarVega has come up with some interesting things on Drum detector systems.  They seem to be doing some interesting research on this type of instruments.  Check them out. 

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