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    Do you think it is possible to bring heavy to market cheaper than light sweet? It is not only possible, it is coming in the near future.
    Where is the worlds largest reserve of heavy?
    Who has the inside scoop on all that oil?
    Who has the technology to bring to market at the cheapest cost?
    The future is heavy and it’s going to be very very important to have the keys to bring it to market.
    Who has the biggest key?

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    Well, one word:  Canada Oil Sands.  Canada is only next to Saudi as far as O&G production and reserves go.  I didn’t realize this until I heard a presentation by the Canadian Heavy Oil Association at the Offshore Technology Conference.  See: 

    As far as technology, there is an array and much of it is emerging.  It’s got to be separated from the sand and bitumen the upgraded.

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    CVX and Chaves…heavy oil
    California heavy oil reserves

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    I think that this is quite possible. I think that this company has a good chance in this market. They have the most modern equipment, they have excellent specialists who do their job well. We very often address them for solving complex problems in production. And they always manage very well.

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