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Heater pass flow indication technology

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    John Mleczewski

    What flow indication technology are people using for their heater pass flows?  Orifice plates?  Wedgeplug meters?  Venturi meters?  Other?  How resistent have they been to pluggage?  Thanks.

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    In our unit we have in  ours units  wedgemeter (we have 5 DCU) , and we  havent been  any trouble
    Best Regards

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    Most Cokers I know have Wedge-meters; very few are proving new technology, like Ultrasonic.

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    We have used orifice meters for past 30 years without any problem
    To be very frank I dont know why people dont find orifice meters good enough in this service

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    Claus Graf

    The only problem I see with orifice flow meters in DCU service is that you can have coke particles lay down upstream of the orifice plate, which can cause an incorrect flow measurement.

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    Ultrasonic (non-intrusive) is the new trend use nowadays for new large Cokers.

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    Do you know if there is some maximun temperature for its use?

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    i have realised that wedgeflow is the ultimate solution for heater charge pass flow.The three taps give single point redundancy for measurement and shutdown on a wedgeflowmeter is uneque and beyond comparison with any other type of measurement technique on this application.

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    Max Temperature is 1100F for the Ultrasonic

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    FLEXIM makes a non-intrusive flow meter good to 752F and it is being used on furnace passes all around the US. Fast and easy.

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    This application for heater furnace pass on cokers is done quite successfully with Flexim’s ultrasonic non-intrusive clamp on technology.  There are many installed worldwide with great success.  The major benefits to this technique is that one does not have to interrupt the process flow and the measurement is accurate to within 1 to 2%.  The transducer design is patented and be used on applications up to 800 F.  If you haven’t tried this Flexim product, then you need to contact them and ask about it.  If you doubt it, then have them bring their portable demo to your site and test it for a day.    

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