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    Category: Safety
    Date: 05 Jan 2004

    Heater feed flow hunting problem is critical to us since it has been repeating in each pass. It could be assumed that the cause of flow hunting may be valve itself problem because the flow is not proportional to the valve opening position and hunting even in the manual position. For reference, we are using angle valve for heater feed control and the strainer hole size are as following. -Cylindrical strainer of fractionator : slot 10ea (each slot size : w305mm x L 305 – Recirculation strainer : ‘10 mm – Charge pump suction strainer : 20 mm.

    I would like to hear any advice to solve the problem.

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    From: fares
    Category: Other
    Date: 17 Jan 2004

    You have to keep all pass flow on manual if it still hunting check vel.steam and keep it on manual if the flow still hunting , increase charge pump discharge pressure ,may be low

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    Have you checked if the opening hunting as well? i would get the transmitter calibrated and if the opening is hunting as well, you might want to get them serviced. 

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    We were also facing hunting of the pass flow meters…. We used to check the emergency steam line up to the VR inlet line…If emergency steam control valve is passing, it is suspected that it can cause hunting in pass flow meters… We tried isolating the emergency steam final iso valve and found satisfactory results

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