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    Does anyone have operating experience purging coker heater with high pressure water instead of steam? Water rate? Safety considerations? Mechanical stops on water valves?

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    Claus Graf

    In the heavy crude oil upgrader I used to work, we had emergency steam on the atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation and coker heaters.
    However, we had one emergency shutdown event where the emergency steam line to the vacuum heater had condensate (water) in it because of non working steam traps.
    The result was a damaged packing in the vacuum tower, and failed piping support guides on the transfer line (between the heater and the tower).

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    Steam is a better purge material – it is easier to control.  I like to see the emergency steam connected to the regular velocity steam line. This helps to keep the emegency steam line clear and free from plugging.  The purpose of the emergency steam is to sweep the line free of oil, so some care and thought must be given to the volume actually required.  Too much too-fast can cause a drum foam over, if the emergency purge happens when the drum is almost full. Make sure the pressure of the purge/velocity steam is high enough to avoaid oil flowing backwards through the steam line.  The blocked in pressure of the furnace charge pumps will help drive the decision of steam vs water.
    Sim Romero

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