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    Does anyone have successfull control valve application for min flow heater charge pump protection/recirculation? Does vacuum resid really “cavitate”?

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    I have not seen a control scheme for the charge pump min. flow. I have seen the pumps cavitate when light material got into the seal flush system. They will also cavitate during start up when dewatering the fractionator.

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    kamlesh panchiwala

    Normally min. flow controlvalve is not required for heater charge pump because it is feeding to heater and all heater’s pass flow control valves will be full open in case of instrument air failure. So, designer is not considering any blockage in heater charge pump discharge line.

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    Claus Graf

    Good morning,
    In the first coker I worked, the set up was 4 drums, 2 heaters and 3 heater charge pumps (2 running – 1 spare). So one pump would feed one heater and a pair of drums. Simple. No minimum flow line required because the pump could cover the operating range without going below minimum flow.
    About a year ago I participated in a 4 drum coker startup in the Gulf Coast that had only 2 pumps. One running – one spare. The running pump would feed 2 heaters. (each heater – 2 drums). This system had minimum flow line to protect the pump from going below minimum flow if one heater tripped. (Or when running at reduced rates).
    Because the heater charge feed has coke particles (as big as 1/2 inch) the minimum flow control valve has to be capable of passing coke particles this size. The pressure drop was 600 psig (pump discharge) to 15 psig (bottom of fractionator). This was done with two valves in series.
    Hope this helps.

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