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Heater Charge Pump Isolation Valves

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    John Parks

    We currently have steam purged ball valves for isolating the heater charge pumps. The problem is that sometimes the discharge pressure is too high and we get resid into our steam system. We are looking at a variety of options. One option is to find a valve that does not require a steam purge. Are people using valves without steam purges for this service?


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    coker squirrel

    We use regular gate valves without steam purge for the Heater Charge pump isolation.

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    We too do not have steam purge on Charge pump isolation valves. I do not think that is required. With regard to you HC backing up problem, don’t you have a NRV in the steam purge line?

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    Neelabh Sharma

    Yup ..Same here..simple Gate valves in both the suction & discharge line of Charge Pump…working well…for past many years…never faced any problems…

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    Mrityunjay Singh

    Why steam purge type of isolation valves are required for the heater charge pump? What is the operating temperature of your pump? In normal cases the charge pumps are operated in the range of  300 to 370 deg C, which is not the coking temperature of the feed. We are using normal gate valves for isolation of our charge pump in our units since last several years without any problem.

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