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HDS Reactor awarded to Mangiarotti

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    Mangiarotti S.p.A. awarded the fabrication of the HDS Reactor for Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Texas City Refinery.  The finished reactor will weigh over 450 tons.
    For information about Mangiarotti S.p.A. please contact

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Let me offer you some direction in the use of the Community Discussion Forum.
    1) The primary purpose is to ask, answer and comment on issues facing cokers and upgraders.
    2) Coker/upgrader news is broadcast here.
    3) New technologies and advancements are described here.
    4) Care should be taken to avoid advertising, solicitation and self-promotion. 
    We had problems with that a few years ago.  The refiners themselves were posting replies to the vendors saying not to do that.   We edited or removed many of those advertisements.  Let me caution you that you will get a bad reputation in the forum if that is your purpose. 
    If you would like to advertise, there is a definite place for that on the Products & Services pages and all the associated links.  Most vendors get a couple of hits every single day!
    I have removed and edited some of your postings to spare you the harsh recriminations of the coker community.  We caution you about what you post.  Use restraint in the forum if it borders on advertising. We’re happy to have you here and invite you to please contribute where it is appropriate.
    Thanks you.
     The System Administrator removes postings that are advertising and promotional in nature.  That’s not what our coker community comes here for.

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