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Harvest NARL ComebyChance Refinery & Coker project underway

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    basil parmesan

    Refinery Project Underway  at Come By Chance
    April 5, 2009

    Work is getting underway at the Come By Chance oil refinery on a multi million dollar maintenance program. Harvest Energy Trust is spending approximately 40-million dollars over the next few weeks on a maintenance turnaround at its 115,000 barrel per day refinery at Come By Chance. President John Zahary says the maintenance upgrade means higher value products at the refinery. This work also means a modest expansion increasing the size of the hydro cracker unit from about 37-thousand barrels per day to 38-thousand barrels per day. Zahary says this project involves a huge amount of work for its staff and contractors.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on NARL Harvest Come by Chance Refinery expansion (not to be confused with NRLC Altius Come by Chance Grassroots addition that fell into financial troubles). The T/A & work is getting underway & article discussion here are on the 37MBD HydroCracker unit expansion.
    The update is similar to March 2009 news item (except work is now underway) but lacks full project details of Aug 2008 Harvest release which mentioned addition of coker and full project cost of $C2 Billion boosting capacity from 115 MBD (~8.5 Nelson Complexity) to Complex Refinery with 190MBD capacity (~65% increase).

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