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‘Green Pipeline’ Could Benefit Gulf Coast Refiners

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    Freddy Martinez

    When completed, a “green pipeline” that will carry carbon dioxide more than 300 miles from Donaldsonville to southeast Texas will have employed nearly 800 construction workers and cost about $750 million.

    Officials with Denbury Resources, a Plano, Texas-based oil and gas company, say most of that investment will be made in Louisiana. Perhaps more important, the project could lead to more domestic oil production and a partial solution to a growing environmental dilemma….

    …The pipeline will transport natural and manmade CO2 from the end of another pipeline in Donaldsonville to Hastings Field, an oil field south of Houston. The CO2, considered a “greenhouse gas” and therefore a pollutant, will be injected into oil reservoirs to recover additional crude from depleted fields. The CO2 then can be stored underground indefinitely rather than released into the atmosphere. Officials say the project is a classic win-win: produce more oil, and bury a gas that we’d like to get rid of anyway…

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    by David Jacobs The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report August 27, 2009

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