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GOA Carbon to invest Calciner w/3 cogens

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    Charles Randall

    GOA Carbon to invest in Expanding calcined petroleum coke capacity
    Chemical Weekly (India)            12Aug08

    Dempo Group company, Goa Carbon, has lined up an investment of Rs. 700-crore to set up a calcined petroleum coke (CPC) manufacturing plant, augment capacity by 100,000-tpa to 225,000-tpa at its Paradip unit in Orissa and venture into co-power generation of 18 MW at its three units in Bilaspur, Paradip and Goa. Currently, the company has a total CPC capacity of 240,000-tpa at three plants.


    Mr. Shrinivas Dempo, Chairman, Goa Carbon, informed that the new CPC plant will have a capacity of 350,000-tpa to 500,000-tpa with a 50 MW power plant and will come up in the East Coast, mostly in Orissa, with an investment of Rs. 500-crore. The investment for cogen plants in three units will cost Rs. 200-crore. The demand for CPC is on the rise from robust aluminium manufacturing companies, which consumes about 70% of the total production.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is August 12, 2008 news update below on Goa Carbon Calciner project – I wonder if they will get screwed around on power as badly as Rain calciner was?
    I also wonder how market is going to find enough Green petcoke for all these calciner projects starting up that are integrated into smelters?  Alba 3rd calciner, Kuwait/PCIC calciner (& new addition in plans to match new petcoke production), Dubai calciner &/or Dubai JV calciner, Irainan Calciner tied new coker project, and Rain’s potential calciner addition??
    The market used to need only ~1 smelter/year or ~1/2 calciner per year to keep up with global demand growth –  this is starting a regional over-supply that could displace exporters who are short petcoke and drive up green – hence calcined prices as these start to compete for green coke and then drive CPC prices down as they compete for market share? 
    I understand 3rd Alba calciner did not get any Kuwait petcoke & is currently being supplied ~ by China petcoke which seems be verified by a new “Black China” petcoke report & plus Sinoway website claims be their source since 2006. Sinoway also just tied up new Tesoro USWC 2% delayed green when they started up new coker replacing old fluid coker. 
    The China Coke Export tax @ 15% is going really put crimp in China supplies – looking at 2007 it seems that 2006’s 1.2 million mtpy exports were already down by ~half  @ 717  kmtpy  in 2007 by comparison. And most that was due to demand & reduction to save energy for power plants & reduce expensive import coal consumption in China.

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