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Fw: Update – CCRL Coking Refinery Expansion $1.9 B approved by board

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    Charles Randall

    $1.9B refinery expansion approved for Regina
    Last Updated: Friday, January 25, 2008 CBC News
    The board of directors of Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries has approved a $1.9-billion expansion project at its refinery in Regina.
    The refinery, which is owned by Federated Co-operatives Ltd., will increase its processing capacity from 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day to 130,000.
    The company said Thursday the expansion is needed to meet the growing demand for gasoline and diesel. The project is scheduled to be finished in 2012.
    It’s expected to create 75 full-time jobs. About 575 people work at the refinery on the north end of the city. The project still needs the approval of the Saskatchewan Environment Department.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on the Federated Cooperative Limited’s (FCL) – CCRL Regina Coking Refinery Expansion ($1.9 B), it looks like the Board has approved the project, but the online date has slipped by +one year to 2012 (as have most upgrader, refinery & coker projects). Mustang Engineering is doing the FEED work on the CCRL project. 
    The expansion is primarily adding FCC complex to expand the capacity by 30% – but the additional heavy crude charge will have impacts on petcoke quality & production levels (as did in the 2003 expansion & Upgrader integration).
    The additional crude will come from the NewGrade integrated Upgrader located adjacent to the refinery – a $400M deal with Crown Investment Corp (CCI) by FCL in Sept. 2007 gave FCL 100% ownership to NewGrade upgrader (which happened at the same time as their CCRL expansion announcement – only $1.0 B cost at that time).

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    Derek Ashing

    My history is a bit sketchy on CCRL & Newgrade. My understanding is prior to 2003 NewGrade was at 55,000 bbls/d and the CCRL refinery was at similar rates. Today the refinery can process 100,000 bbls/d. The refinery is expanding to 130,000 bbls/d & your post indicates this will come from NewGrade.
    I am not clear what happened at NewGrade from 2003 to now. Can NewGrade process 100,000 bbls/d today?
    If NewGrade can only handle 55,000 bbls/d today it appears it will be expanding by 30,000 bbls+ and be at 85,000 bbls+ by 2012. Did I miss something?

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    Charles Randall

    Good Question my “dashing” cohert! Perhaps one of our friends from CCRL will jump in and help us out with fuller picture of change but CCRL has one of those sites that have good description of history of refinery & its changes (at least to current update ~2006 frame).
    But re-read news & my comments – the refinery capacity is going to 130 MBD capacity, my comments indicate I believe most of the additional 30 MBD DilBit crude will come from New Grade but never indicated that New Grade is supplying the full 130 MBD refinery charge.
    And I do not believe that New Grade has ever supplied 100% of the refinery supply for CCRL and it still wont after this expansion (especially since the refinery is adding an FCC and other units as debottlenecking step).  But because CCRL will now own 100% the overall ability to gain additional “tweaks” should be improved.
    Now it is my understanding that prior to 2003 the rate of CCRL refinery with New Grade (online ~1988?) grew to about 55 MBD. I believe the refinery capacity jumped from ~28 MBD to 50 MBD when the New Grade came online in late 80’s which would suggest an initial capacity of 22 MBD. Around 2003 upgrades to refinery & New Grade produced a 30MBD expansion in capacity to total of 85-90 MBD (this would suggest the refinery at 90 MBD capacity and New Grade supplying 52 MBD of DilBit/SynDilBit or Syncrude). But the refiners found ways of “tweaking” that limit (seems to be trait shared by race car drivers and refiners/coker operations – going to max and pushing it) to around 100 MBD and re-rated the capapcity there – which is what it shows today as you pointed out. (So if we add the “tweaking” capacity as DilBit crude out of New Grade it would be at 62 MBD)
    The next stage is another 30 MBD expansion which adds the FCC unit and other debottlenecking steps to increase the gasoline and diesel production. The purchase of the additional 50% of New Grade for $400 MM occured at the same time as this expansion so the opportunity for debottlenecking between Refinery and Upgrader could be enhanced as well. Other news articles have indicated the additional 30 MBD should be heavy crude from New Grade.
    Hope this helps.

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    Charles Randall

    CCRL refinery expansion project
    Released: Tuesday, 17 June 2008

    WorleyParsons is pleased to announce that Colt WorleyParsons, its Canadian subsidiary, has been awarded a major Contract with Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries Limited (CCRL) for engineering, procurement, and construction management services related to the C$1.9 billion expansion to CCRL’s existing oil refinery located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    The expansion includes the addition of a grassroots fluid catalytic cracker complex, new storage facilities, and the revamp of several of the existing refinery process units and utility systems. The total cost of the work for which Colt WorleyParsons is responsible is in the range of C$800 million. Scheduled for completion in 2012, the project will expand the refinery’s capacity by 30 per cent, from 100,000 to 130,000 barrels of oil per day, designed to meet increasing demand for refined fuel products in Western Canada.

    Commenting, the Sr. Vice President of Refining at CCRL, Mr. Bud Van Iderstine said: “We are very pleased to have Colt WorleyParsons and specifically the Toronto office supporting us on this very important project”.

    This award complements and extends the ongoing engineering services contract underway for the Define Phase of the project, scheduled for completion in July of this year.

    Commenting, the Chief Executive Officer of WorleyParsons, Mr. John Grill said: “This award continues our strong working relationship with CCRL and our leadership position in the downstream refining industry.”

    Larry Benke, Managing Director of WorleyParsons Canada added, “The award reinforces our strong capability on major refinery projects and as a world class EPCM service provider.

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    This sounds like a great project.  Love it when a new FCC is brought online.  I thought I remembered IAG (Triten Industries) as having the EPC contract for this expansion project?

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    Charles Randall

    Yes IAG (International Alliance Group) was retained as “program manager” – not sure the way it was worded if that was psuedo EPC status or not, and they have changed or if it was just overseeing planning stage until project was ready for EPC stage.  Mustang Engineering (Sub Wood Group) did the FEED design for IAG on the CCLR project.
    As article states Colt WorleyParsons now has the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) for the project but has only has $800 million of the $1.9 Billion project work.
    Since CCRL now owns all of New Grade Upgrader & there may be more integration & synergy into this 30% capacity addition than original scope entailed (see previous March background comments posted on for this). The potential for this was seen on last capacity increase where an additional 10 MBD was added from synergy & operational tweaking.

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    IAG is handling all of the Grass Roots units ie; Cat Cracker, Gas Con, Cat Poly and much of the offsites on an EPC basis. Colt is handling the revamps. 

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    The CCRL is an environmental disaster to our beautiful prairie city. Many people are ill – increasing toxic emissions and it is built over our aquifer.
    How are we suppose to live breathing in hydrogen sulphide continually????

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    Regarding that last post. There must be 100,000 blog sites in the blogesphere where you can piss and moan about how awful it is that oil companies are destroying the environment. Why did you have to come to this one? Maybe its because you are so stupid, you’ve been kicked off all the others. Better go home sonny, I think I hear your momma calling.

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    Joshua Lege

    LOL, yeah he won’t get too much love here![:D]

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