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Fw: 2008 Heartland Conf. on Global Warming: Real Scientist – Skeptics vs Alarmist-Junk Science

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    Charles Randall

    2008 International Conference on Climate Change
    New York City, New York, USA    March 2-4, 2008
    The alarmists in the global warming debate have had their say–over and over again, in every newspaper in the country practically every day and in countless news reports and documentary films. They have dominated the media’s coverage of this issue. But they have lost the debate. Skeptics are the winners of EVERY scientific debate, always, everywhere. Because skepticism, as T.H. Huxley said, is the highest calling of a true scientist.

    Here is link to Conference website:
    Here is link to Dr. Joseph Blast opening remarks 3/4/08 :
    You will definitely want to look into Willie Soon – Harvard/Smithsonian Astrophysics (see his background at ) who will be presenting update on his Sun-Earth connections, a non-human induced global warming viewpoint introduced in 1997-2003 with Sallie Baliunas that sparked debates & “Hot Words” with the advocates/alarmist over the link to Sun’s connection.  <See Bright Sun – Warm Earth:  & Hot Words: )
    Soon has been working with the Marshall Institute (  – see this website for nice list authors presenting articles around the shattered consensus about the true state of Global Warming).
    I might also suggest that you drop back for a refresher course on just what does happen when you stop one of the earths “warming cycles”…..a 100,000 year ice age – see Global Warming – A chilling Perspective you will note Soon & Baliunas are referenced on this easy read overview.
    And I think another good read to help put the  is “Climate of Fear” (  – several sections downloadable as PDF’s) Especially look at tables on Science behind Predictions & see that man is only responsible for 26,000 million metric tonnes/year vs. the 555,000 million metric tonnes/year produced naturally! <Try tell yourself with straight face – Man is driving force “causing” CO2 levels to rise! And then consider CO2 is at least a far 3rd compared to Sun’s impact on Earth>
    There is a long list of scientists opposing the mainstream assessment of global warming (unlike the “phantom alarmist often quoted but never shown list”) at Wikipedia ( ). These do not count a much broader list of scientific skeptics toward climate change that do not believe human activities can cause climate change at all, or that the change could be large enough to register as harmful. 

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    Charles Randall

    I think anyone in oil industry worrying about Carbon Tax, Kyoto Protocol and Environmental limits should take time & look at the wealth of information from the Heartlands 2008 Conference on Climate Change (see links & info below).  REAL scientist who have been trying over the last several years to get their findings to the public and address a lot of holes and errors the advocates & politicians of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) avoided or left un-addressed in their review of Global Warming.

    You will not find ANY of liberal press covering or reporting on this Global Warming Conference – especially the NY Times even though the Heartland Conference is being held in New York. Heartland had to take out their own adds in newspapers to advertise the conference & get the word out – something that never happens with one of the alarmist conferences.
    And you will find few of the Global Warming Alarmist (especially Al Gore – who is hiding his medal & ducking for cover this week) or Kyoto Protocol Environmental advocates and scientist (assuming anyone actually finds out who they are – only about 5 of the “hundreds” to date have appeared on a list) – their absence seems to be result of severe butt kicking in last series of debates (which the Heartland conference proudly advertises) & the skeptics didn’t even have to field their “A” team list debaters!
    The debunking of the theory, its cause and the perspective should provide arguments to politically inspired legislation based on junk science and “popular but not scientific” assumptions.  Additionally advocates are trying to overlook the complete failure of Kyoto :none 18 countries made past goals (2000-06) and never expected make future ones (2012) without huge technology breakthrough; or that Total emissions under Kyoto became much worse than before due to freedom allowed for undeveloped China & Russia to become #1 & #4 polluters now (vs. #7 & #9 previously); and reviews show Protocol is just a trading scam that led few investments in technology or new preservations of wilderness areas.

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