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    I work in a PETROBRAS refinery and we are having problems with control valves for flow control in furnaces. We suspect that there are some plugging internally in the valves caused by litlle coked particles in the flow, we are using Fisher valves model EZ (globe valves) and the distance between plug and seat is about 3 millimeters at about 60% opening.

    Anybody knows something about this kind o f problem? What kind of valve is more usual for feeding control in coker furnaces?


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    Dear Guest,
    Mogas Industries Inc have supplied special control ball valves that have operated for more than 9 months on coke drum blowdown control. If you would like to e-mail or call +1 281 449 0291

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    Rotary Control with eccentric plug valve (Neles-Finetrol or Camflex) is a much better solution to provide an open flow path, less metal contact during rotation provides longer life and less sticking

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    Additionally to the model of the valve, also there are other parameters for a good design of these systems, for example the distribution header to the heater/furnaces, which can totally be symmetrical or a distribution pipe (it is feeding you (each) pass as the fluid is pass  through of this header).
    We have had in our units both systems, being the best the symmetrical;  in the other system we have observed that in  pass 1 and 4 (lateral pass) have a tendency to present/display obstruction (the last tube has shown greater uncontrol; this it is the tube located at the end of  header), to avoid this We implement a pulse that causes that  opens to these valves 10 to 15 % by a few seconds so that the deposited solid trip through the pass, this has given good result (is made once per week)
    – We´ve been installed  rotary eccentric plug valve and  have operated pretty well, since they allow a greater passage of particles, of course this also is going to depend in which position are working (percentage of opening)
    I sorry for my english

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    For sake of your help and To get valve related information to refer below given link this would be helpful for you

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