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    We have had a series of problems in the Pet Coke Pile storage, and they are often forming fumaroles, which have caused consumption of man powers hours in the handling process to extinguish the fumaroles, fire risks and this generate an certain unsafe condition in the operations. The storage patio measures 60mx500m is to open sky and has a capacity of approximately 250000 storage of Tonm. The storage process is obtained transporting the material through conveyor belts and storing the same one from a Shuttle Conveyor which piles up the material in extended pyramidal shape. As it leaves from the handling of the stored material, this it is watered periodically by a system of sprayers or RainBirds.
    Are you have experiencie with the formation the fumarole?
    We appreciate if someone could help us to identified the causes of the fumarole formation? How does a fumarole get started?

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