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Frontier Oil in $45M Construction Pact

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    Frontier Oil Enters $45 Million Fixed-Price Construction Pact With CB&I Affiliate
    HOUSTON (AP) — Oil refiner Frontier Oil Corp. said Thursday it entered an approximately $45 million fixed-price construction contract with an affiliate of CB&I to engineer, construct and install two new coke drums and related equipment at its El Dorado, Kan., refinery.
    The pact and expected add-ons is expected to cover about 85 percent of the $58 million project scope.
    “This coker project is a key component of our strategy to increase our ability to run heavy Canadian crude oil at our El Dorado refinery,” Frontier Chairman, President and Chief Executive Jim Gibbs said in a statement.
    Frontier’s El Dorado refinery generates 110,000 barrels per day, while its Cheyenne, Wyo., site produces 52,000 barrels a day.
    The projected is expected to be complete in April 2008.

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    Charles Randall

    Latest update on the Frontier Oil Coker Addition – CB&I $45 MM fixed price contract on the two new coker drums which are expected online this time next year (April 2008) in time for the Greenfield portions to tie-in during a planned 2008 March/April Turnaround.
    The El Dorado Crude expansion  will add another 10 MBD of heavy crude capacity that raises the 110 MBD to 120 MBD for the refinery – it will also add additional coker charge.
    Previously the El Dorado refinery in 2Q 2003 added +8 MBD crude capacity ($16MM expansion) which also added +2.2 MBD of coker charge.
    The $140 MM expansion for El Dorado not only includes the Crude & Vacuum tower replacement but a 24MBD Diesel HDS & 35 MMSCFD Hydrogen Unit (CB&I is also doing the project work on all the units).
    No recent updates but Frontier is also adding $78 MM coker expansion at Cheyenne Refinery that will add +3 MBD of coking capacity as the $8 MM crude expansion allows the refinery slate to switch to more heavy Candian Crude. The coker is set to complete by 2Q 2007 just as the Rocky Mountain P/L completes and brings 55 MBD Canadian Crude (expandable to 90 MBD) from Guernsey, WY into Ft Laramie, WY. and then into the Frontiers Cheyenne Refinery Tank farm.  Frontier has contracted 35 MBD for 10 years with RM P/L and leased 300 MBD dedicated tankage from them.

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    Does anybody know what will be the capacity of coking units or what capacity size they are looking for their units?

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    I’m confused. Are they replacing the drums in the existing two drum coker, or are they adding two more drums. The modest increase in crude capacity does not seem to warrant two more drums.

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    Charles Randall

    FYI – See update on Frontier EPC Coker Projects @ Cheyenne & El Dorado in Dec 2007 News alert on Cheyenne Coking Unit Fire – in the Randall comments.

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