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    coker squirrel

    We have experienced many problems with free fall arrestors.  Cables become loose and hang up causing freying of the cable and eventual cable breaks.  I have heard that there is some sort of mechanism for keeping the cables on a free fall arrestor system from becoming loose and blowing in the breeze.  Does anyone have any details about this? 

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    Mitchell Moloney

    You can use sway breakers ……..

    ·         Cable can become wrapped around beans in high winds not allowing drill to go up or down.
    ·         Have new simple sway-breaker design from Jeremy Krauthammer at the Hovensa DCU.  He uses a rubber guide to hold cables in place, made from used conveyor belts.  These are placed at about three locations along the steel structure where the cables are located. 

    I cannot post a sketch since I cannot get in to gif or jpg, and txt loses the sketch 

    Cable passing through rubber guide
                                        Side View

    Drill steel support beam

    Rubber guide
    ·         Locate 3 or 4 @ different levels.
    ·         Problem can be alleviated are tightened and tensioned properly.

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    Claus Graf

    The same rubber sway breaker design was installed at the Petrozuata Upgrader in Venezuela and the guys there tell me it works great.

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    ted pivo

    Just for an information  purpose Ruhrpumpens free fall arrestors grab the derrick rails they use NO CABLES

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    Aaron McDonald

    We have a 6 coker operation in part of our facility and have sway breakers on the newest two.  They have worked very well, while we have experienced hang-ups and issues with the other four.  We are now proceeding with install on the remaining.

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    Claus Graf

    Welcome to the forum.
    Please keep us updated on the sway breaker operation.
    One question: What grease do you use in the cable grippers ?
    Regards, CG

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    ted pivo

    These sway breakers are they home made or what vendor supplies them

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    can u provide me a sketch of sway breakers or suggested vendor at

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    Thanks guys, I just about lost it looknig for this.

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