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Fractionator Water Wash Ovhd lines

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    Lucas Revellon

    Has anyone done any water wash in the fractionator top with sour water from the boot of the ovhd receiver? I know there are concerns sometimes with the amounts of Cl’s and Sulfur species but can this be done instead of hooking up temporary water lines? Thanks.

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    Yup, we are using the facilities at our plant. So far there is no major problem.

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    A publication exists in  PTQ (Magazine/Revamp 2006) where explains and gives some guide to design a system of washing , although is for a unit of  FCC, the concept is possible also to be applied in the one of coker
    Main fractionator water wash systems (Christopher Dean & Scott Golden)
    You can see en
    If  you can reach the paper send me a email I can scanner for you
    Best Regards

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    that’s how we used to do ours until corrosion at the top of the tower

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    Our refinery do have those water wash system at the fractionator overhead line, but recently it seems that the pressure drop across those fin fan cooler seems to be high than normal, increasing up. we suspected that it might because of salt accumulation inside the fin fan coolers tube. our sour water wash might seems to be unable to prevent salt accumulation since salt content inside the sour water is pretty high. currently we tried to perform water wash using extenal fluid source,cold condensate, but nothing seems to be improved… guys.. did you faced this kind of problem at your refinery? any way to solve it without shutting down the plant?

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    We use it primarily to help reduce the rate of corrosion in the OVHD line.

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    we have been monitoring the NH3 and Sulphide content on the overhead. Typical value are in the range of 1500 – 2000 ppm. Is this normal or on the high side?

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    Nor Syamrin Wagirin

    we had earlier problem to our ovhd condenser even with wash water. upon investigation, the problem is contributed due to poor distribution on the wash water. during the recent shutdown, we had modified the wash water distribution system.

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    Is there a typical industry standard for Cl levels in the OVHD water?

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