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    Ray Pollard

    Are any Cokers using a Fractionation tower Btms filter.  Pumping the Fract  Tower btms around a circut with a filter inline, to remove coke fine from the tower???

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    we have a circulating pump on our bottoms which go thru a filter basket  and back to the tower,  we have a spare pot which stays on standby until we need it.  we clean these about every 4-5 weeks and dump the coke back in the pit.  we typically can make a 5 year run without having to enter the frac for coke clean out.

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    Claus Graf

    The Foster Wheeler delayed cokers use a fractionator bottoms recirculation pump with two basket strainers to remove the coke. You can check out more Residue Upgrading info in the link below:

    Regards, CG

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    What kind of pump do you have? Is it a typical centrifugal pump with special internal material or a slurry pump with coke crusher?

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    In the last 3 cokers that we are start up we have Flowserve pumps (are centrifugal with crusher impeller), Theirs are working very well

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