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    Freddy Martinez

    Is there somebody who are still using the FW/Tesco unheading system with hydraulic boltcylinders? I would like to make contact with them or anybody who can help me with spareparts or contact information regarding workshops who have made spareparts for the systems.

    Please mail to and

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    Claus Graf

    Have you tried the following link?


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    Terry Blue

    If you don’t get any help from the link Claus provided,give me a call and let me know your specific issuses and I’ll try to help. From my conversations with Tesco is it apparent that they no longer are in the business of providing support or spare parts for the foster wheeler design.

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    Graham Lovatt

    Useful contact details on Tesco are
    And FW contacts
    Mr. Steve Sock, email at
    Mr. Rich Klick, email at
    These are old contact details but I commissioned system with Tesco in Venezuela 2003

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    If I’m not wrong those TESCO systems were installed at SINCOR…guess what? the will be replaced with Delta Valves, of course, if they find the right peolple to complete the project!!! to much corruption going on right now and Frenchies are just looking at starts and playing blind!!

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