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    Dave Pruner

    I am interested in finding out how many folks still use flex-hoses for antifoam, quench oil, or quench water injection. Also, if you are using them, what is the maintenance history? Are you having leaks on a frequent basis?

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    We have found success with hard-piped connections that have sufficient pipe expansion loop provision to accomodate movement of the coke drum over the feed and decoking cycles. Proper piping analysis & design, taking into account minimum and maximum temperatures, is key for hard-piping to work. Hoses can be prone to leaks over time.

    Regards – Mitch Moloney

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    Dave Pruner

    We are in the process of doing just that. Do you have any guidelines or specs that you use to determine which lines need to be hard piped or which can be flex-hose? We are looking at the quench oil and antifoam injection points. We are also considering the cutting deck quench water line.

    Do you have any history of significant failures?

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