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Fire protection of Neutron back scatter

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    Recently we have a fire accident on the top of the coke drum.
    The fire spread to the location of the Neutron back scatter.
    We extinguish the fire fortunately.

    We would like to konw how to do fire proofing for the Neutron back scatter.

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    Mitchell Moloney

    Due to the fact that the NBS devices are designed to prevent radiation leakage, they hold up very well in fires.  Our Baton Rouge East Coker suffered a severe fire in 1993, which destroyed the structure, and the NBS devices were not breached.  There was no special fire proofing in place.
    What caused your fire? How extensive was the damage on the top deck?  Can you identify yourself?
    Regards – Mitch Moloney

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    The root cause of the fire came from the leakage of an anti-foam flexible pipe.
    The carrier fluid of the anti-foam is LCGO.
    The insulation layer of the coke drum have had some cracks already.
    The anti-foam then entered the cracks and caused fire.
    We operate a four drums coker in Eastern Asia.
    Thanks for your instruction.

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    Also the source container should be manufactured in accordance with either the ANSI (? number escapes me) standard or ISO 7205. Either way the classification number and reference to the standard will give you the temperature rating of the unit you have. I think the number will be stamped on the container flange or nameplate.

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