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Feed type with a slide valve, feedback request

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    do you know of any survey about the different type of feed with slide valve:
    • Side feed
    • Dual Side Feed entry
    • Center feed

    Regardings the structural and mechanical behavior.

    I am currently in the turnover equipment for the new DCU of Axion and I have some doubt about the side feed, and I´m working for an upgrade of this facility but your feedback and experience are really important

    I had already saw the Coke drum flow distribution made by Delta & SES, and i like the dual side feed entry for its simplicity, but maybe the center feed is the best options.

    Thanks in advance

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    Mahmod Samman

    I am not aware of any industry surveys that provide details for comparing the various options. Single inlets are typically (not always) related to drum tilting, blow-outs, and uneven cooling. Dual-inlets have been installed on some drums for over 40 years with no problems. The key is to have it designed for the specific operating parameters of your drum (e.g. flow speed, angle, fluid properties, etc..). There is a fourth option you did not mention which is Chevron’s refractory-lined spool which I understand that Chevron has started to license to other companies. In selecting a system, I would emphasize performance history over simulations. Most CFD (computational fluid dynamics) models are grossly unrealistic because they do not capture multi-phase flow, rising fluid level, and process transformations. If you want me to get you in touch with Chevron about their spool, please email info(at)

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    Thanks for your response, sorry for the delay (I had some problem with my login)

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