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    Freddy Martinez

    Can we find coke inside the FCCU heater tubes? We have tubes made of 9% CR and Temp is 230 C and feed is HVGO. This heater has never been decoked since being put in service in 1975. The FCCU is UOP.


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    I don’t think there is much of a chance of coke building up at this temp. (~450F) The HVGO leaves the vac tower hotter than this temp. There may be a few spots on the tubes were they may have had flame impingement or something like that Coke may have started building up at these locations.  Dave Jordan – Clean Harbors

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    But there is no any hot spot and no bulging

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    Mohammad Bukhari

    FCCU Standpipe:
    If soemone by mistake spary water inside the standpipe while maintenance doing some works for few mintues and this will be evaporated when they start up the unit do we need to use dry put procedure for that protion orno need?

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