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    Hedewandro Lucredi

    Recently we had an accident in the gas recovery section, but fortunately no injuries. We are studying to depressurize the gas recovery area like that has in the Diesel Hydrotreater by a button in the DCS in case of emergency. We are thinking to depressurize by 10-15 min all the gas recovery area. My question. Any other FCCU has this kind of system ? We are concerned about some damage inside the equipment’s because the rapid depressurize .

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    Are you wanting to depressure the entire gas recovery area @ one time? We had the capabilities to float / depressure individual towers on the plant fuel system or the low pressure system. We were limited on how fast we could depressure by how much gas the downstream systems could handle. Line size is also an issue along with auto refrigeration when depressuring propolyenes.

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    Hedewandro Lucredi

    We do not have this kind of depressure system in our FCCU gas recovery system. Do you have this system ? Is it by tower or overall ? We intend to send the gas to the flare. We are concerned about some emergency in this area.

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