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    Mrityunjay Singh

    In the LinkedIn CatCracking Group
    Christian Argiolas asks:
    For catalyst slide valves electro-hydraulic actuating systems, the licensors specify to include 2 Solenoid valves in 2oo2 configuration for the ESD function (both de-energized to trip). For this solenoid valves it is specified to provide a proof test circuit that allows to verify the solenoid functioning without affect the position of the slide disc. The proof testing function is very important, it permits to verify periodically that both solenoid valves are ready to perform the ESD action. If one solenoid is stuck energized it won’t be possible to perform the ESD action. It is very important to detect this dangerous failure before the ESD demand, otherwise the actuator won’t be capable to perform the ESD action. How often do you perform the solenoids proof test for your slide valves?
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    Paul Orlowski

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