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Falling coke

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    Freddy Martinez

    We finished cutting the drum, and then later some pieces coke fall out.  Are we doing something wrong, or what’s causing this?

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    This happens all the time? If not, and has been happening in recent days, the most likely causes are poorly cut end of the drum,  cutting in lateral mode several times up and down the drum  until you dont see black water coming out of the drumDo you have a procedure to cut or clean the top of the dome of the drum?   in some units during the time it accumulates a certain amount of coke over  the coke level cap (dome of the drum) and eventually fall during the process and for that reason in some units every 6 months or every year this area is cleaned by a special procedure 

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    Claus Graf

    Also, during back warming you might get coke in you blowdown drum, coke condesate drum and or backwarming strainers, depending on your set up.
    I would look first into your cutting procedure. Check for time (cutting too fast?), upper dome cleaning (some systems have a cleanout mode), sound of water against the drum wall and color of water during cleanout.

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