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Factbox(Reuters) – US Refineries Closed/Sale 2009-10

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    FACTBOX-Oil refineries shut due to weak economics 2009-10
    Tue Feb 9, 2010 6:25am EST
    6:36am CST Feb 9, 2010 (Reuters) – A sharp drop in demand for oil products, such as gasoline, diesel,heating oil and jet fuel, especially in developed countries, has forced many oil companies toclose refineries permanently, indefinitely or for a long term this year. The shut-in of crude distillation capacity so far totals about 1.4 million barrels per dayglobally. The following lists oil refineries or crude distillation units (CDUs) which have been shutcompletely this year due to weak economics. It does not include the offline capacity of CDUs running at lower utilisation rates as aresult of run cuts; refineries that are not in operation due to lack of maintenance such assome in Nigeria; fire-related shutdowns; shutdowns that are described as scheduled maintenanceby operators, such as ConocoPhillips’ (COP.N) Wilhelmshaven refinery in Germany. For refinery maintenance/outage tables, click on [REF/US][REF/A][REF/E] Capacity is expressed in a thousand barrels per day unless specified.   Country  Operator  Refinery     Timing     Capacity    Status                                          ‘000 bpd    Story link  =======================================================================ARUBA   Valero    Aruba        July         235      Shut indefinitely        (VLO.N)                                        [ID:nN26274347]FRANCE  Total     Dunkirk      September    160      Long term shutdown        (TOTF.PA)                                      [ID:nLF522555]                                                       [ID:nLI688020]FRANCE  Total     Gonfreville  August    4.5 mln t/y One CDU shut for extended                                    (roughly 91kbpd)  period                                                     Total plant capacity 339kbpd                                                       [ID:ID:nL5419216]JAPAN   Nippon    Mizushima    July-March   110      One CDU shut            Oil                                       Total plant capacity 400kbpd        (5001.T)                                      [ID:nT74713]JAPAN   Nippon    Toyama       January       60      Idled [ID:nT166714]           Oil JAPAN   Cosmo Oil              February              The company to cut its total        (5007.T)                                     capacity by 80kbpd to 550kbpd                                                     [ID:nTOE61007L]SPAIN   Repsol    Bilbao       September     90      Long term CDU shutdown        (REP.MC)                                     Total plant capacity 220kbpd                                                      [ID:nLF636734]UK      Petroplus Teesside     March        117      Idled [ID:nL5419216]        (PPHN.VX) U.S.    Valero    Delaware City November    185      Permanent CDU closure                                                     Total plant capacity 210kbpd                                                      [ID:nN20224848]U.S.    Sunoco   Eagle Point   November     145      Permanent closure (SUN.N)                                                     [ID:nN01181076]U.S.    Big West Bakersfield   January       66      Idled [ID:nN281360]*U.S.    Western   Bloomfield   November      17      Permanent closure                                                      [ID:nN09260634] Note * parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Dec. 22, 2008 (Reporting by Ikuko Kurahone)

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