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Europe-MidEast-Africa Refinery S/D Table Oct Update

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    Europe, Middle East, Africa Refinery Shutdowns (Table)

    By Nidaa Bakhsh
         October 15, 2008 (Bloomberg)
    — Following is a table of scheduled and unplanned
    refinery shutdowns, maintenance, new plants and capacity expansions in Europe,
    the Middle East and Africa. The list only includes work that could be confirmed. 

         Shutdown Type: P: Planned, U: Unplanned, N: Non-maintenance

    Refinery                                     Refinery                          
    Owner                  Shutdown              Capacity                          
    Location                 Type    Period        b/d     Notes                   

    New Information:

    Wintershall Lingen         P     Qtr 1, 11     87,000  Full shutdown planned in
    BP PLC                             to                  2011. Happens every 5   
    Germany                          Qtr 4, 11             years.                  

    Current Outages:

    Repsol Tarragona           P     Oct 15, 08   160,000  Desulfurization unit    
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  shuts for 40 day        
    Spain                            Nov 30, 08            maintenance.            

    KNPC Mina Abdullah         N     Oct 13, 08   270,000  Full shutdown for power 
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  cut. Normal operations  
    Kuwait                           Oct 17, 08            expected in three to four

    KNPC Mina Ah Ahmadi        N     Oct 13, 08   460,000  Full shutdown for power 
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  cut. Normal operations  
    Kuwait                           Oct 17, 08            expected in three to four

    KNPC Al Shuaiba            N     Oct 13, 08   200,000  Full shutdown for power 
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  cut. Normal operations  
    Kuwait                           Oct 17, 08            expected in three to four

    Petronor Bilbao            P     Oct 10, 08   220,000  Partial shutdown for    
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  20-day visbreaker       
    Spain                            Oct 31, 08            maintenance.            

    TotalFina Lamede           P     Oct 06, 08   157,000  FCC, alkylation,        
    Total SA                           to                  visbreaker shut for     
    France                           Dec 06, 08            upgrade, inspections and
                                                           maintenance. New furnace
                                                           to be installed to reduce

    Engen Durban               P     Oct 03, 08   125,000  Full shutdown for       
    Federation of                      to                  maintenance.            
    Malaysia                         Oct 31, 08                                    
    South Africa                                                                   

    Bahrain Sitra              P     Qtr 4, 08    248,900  CDU with 100,000 b/d    
    Kingdom of Bahrain                 to                  capacity shuts in the   
    Bahrain                          Qtr 4, 08             fourth quarter.         

    Surgutneftegas             P     Qtr 4, 08    364,800  New hydro-cracking unit,
    Kirishi                            to                  partial shutdown.       
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 08                                     
    Russian Federation                                                             

    Saudi Aramco Rabigh        P     Qtr 4, 08    400,000  New units to expand     
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co               to                  capacity by 425,000 b/d,
    Saudi Arabia                     Qtr 4, 08             to 825,000 b/d.         

    BP Rotterdam Europort      P     Oct, 08      400,000  CDU, capacity 200,000   
    BP PLC                             to                  barrels a day, to shut  
    Netherlands                      Nov, 08               for four-to-five week   

    Shell Stanlow              P     Oct 02, 08   233,000  CDU 3 to shut for       
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  maintenance.            
    U.K.                             Oct 31, 08                                    

    Petrola Hellas             P     Oct, 08      100,000  Partial closure for about
    Elefsis                            to                  three weeks to carry out
    Hellenic Petroleum SA            Oct, 08               regular maintenance. Was
    Greece                                                 delayed from first      
                                                           quarter to second and   
                                                           then to September.      

    Sarpom Trecate             P     Oct, 08      230,000  Shutdown planned for    
    Exxon Mobil Corp, ERG              to                  maintenance.            
    SpA                              Oct, 08                                       

    Exxon Mobil                P     Oct 01, 08   233,000  Naphtha steam cracker to
    Gravenchon                         to                  shut for four to five   
    Exxon Mobil Corp                 Nov 01, 08            week maintenance- partial
    France                                                 shutdown.               

    Cepsa Tenerife             P     Oct, 08       85,000  Visbreaker to shut for  
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  six day maintenance.    
    Petroleos SA                     Oct 31, 08                                    

    Repsol La Coruna           P     Sep 30, 08   120,000  Coker shuts for 45 days.
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                                          
    Spain                            Nov 15, 08                                    

    Repsol La Coruna           P     Sep 30, 08   120,000  Hydrotreater to shut for
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  one month.              
    Spain                            Oct 30, 08                                    

    SA Mazeikiu Nafta          P     Sep 27, 08   160,221  Diesel desulfurization  
    Polski Koncern                     to                  unit to shut for up to 3
    Naftowy Orlen,                   Oct 18, 08            weeks.                  
    Republic of Lithuania                                                          

    Shell Pernis               U     Sep 24, 08   416,000  FCC shuts because of    
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  malfunction.            
    Netherlands                      Oct, 08                                       

    Shell Pernis               P     Sep, 08      416,000  CDU, capacity 200,000   
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  barrels a day, to shut  
    Netherlands                      Nov, 08               for six weeks. 2 heat   
                                                           exchangers will also be 
                                                           shut for maintenance.   

    Galp Atlantico Sines       P     Sep 16, 08   202,670  Full shutdown for 40-days
    Galp Energia SGPS SA               to                  to carry out regular    
    Portugal                         Oct 26, 08            maintenance.            

    TNK Lisichansk             P     Sep, 08      320,000  Turnaround for six weeks
    TNK-BP Ltd                         to                  planned upgrade, company
    Ukraine                          Nov, 08               says Aug. 11.           

    Chevron Pembroke           P     Sep 15, 08   210,000  FCC to shut for 6 weeks 
    Chevron Corp                       to                  in five-year maintenance
    U.K.                             Oct, 08               cycle.                  

    Repsol La Coruna           P     Sep 15, 08   120,000  FCC to shut for a month 
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  of maintenance. Brought 
    Spain                            Oct 15, 08            forward from fourth     

    Indeni Ndola               P     Sep 14, 08    23,750  Full shutdown for annual
    Agip Petroli SpA,                  to                  maintenance.            
    Republic of Zambia               Oct 31, 08                                    

    Statoil Mongstad           P     Sep 02, 08   189,000  Full shutdown including 
    Statoil                            to                  crude units for two weeks
    Norway                           Oct 31, 08            maintenance, happens    
                                                           every 4-5 years.        
                                                           Catalytic cracking unit 
                                                           will be shut down for   
                                                           longer because of       
                                                           cleaning and changing   
                                                           parts. Partial shutdown 
                                                           after first two weeks.  

    Saras Sarroch              P     Jun, 08      300,000  Gasoline desulfurization
    Saras SpA                          to                  unit and sulfur recovery
    Italy                            Dec, 08               plant are due to come   
                                                           onstream in H2 for      
                                                           cleaner-burning fuels.  

    Qatar Petroleum Oryx       U     Qtr 2, 08     34,000  Runs cut to 25,000      
    GTL                                to                  barrels a day on poor   
    Qatar Petroleum                  Qtr 3, 09             operating performance, to
    Qatar                                                  run below capacity until
                                                           third quarter of 2009.  

    Cyprus Petro Larnaca       N     Apr 23, 04    27,000  Cyprus Petroleum Refinery
    Cyprus Petroleum                   to                  has stopped refining    
    Refinery                         N/A                   crude oil at its sole   
    Cyprus                                                 plant after the         
                                                           government decided not to
                                                           invest to produce       
                                                           European Union-mandated 
                                                           low-sulfur fuel.

    Future Outages:

    Agip Petr Taranto          N     Oct 17, 08   110,000  Shutdown planned by labor
    ENI SpA                            to                  unions during Oct. 17   
    Italy                            Oct 31, 08            strike. A second strike 
                                                           set for Oct. 31.        

    Cepsa Gibraltar            P     Oct 25, 08   223,000  FCC maintenance;        
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  visbreaker from oct. 26 
    Petroleos SA                     Dec 03, 08            to nov. 12; vacuum unit 
    Spain                                                  from oct 25 to nov. 19, 
                                                           HDS 1 from oct. 25 to   
                                                           dec. 4; HDS 2 from oct. 
                                                           25 to nov. 7; alkylation
                                                           from oct. 25 to dec. 4. 

    Agip Petroli Milazzo       P     Nov, 08      200,000  Partial turnaround,     
    ENI SpA                            to                  additional maintenance to
    Italy                            Nov, 08               the halt in May-June.   

    ERTOIL Huelva              P     Nov 05, 08    98,000  Platformer shuts for    
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  maintenance.            
    Petroleos SA                     Nov 30, 08                                    

    Nigerian Kaduna            P     Nov 05, 08   110,000  Full shutdown planned for
    Nigerian National                  to                  turnaround maintenance. 
    Petroleum Corp                   Jan 15, 09                                    

    BP Castellon Plana         P     Dec, 08      110,000  New Coker, capacity     
    BP PLC                             to                  20,000 b/d, scheduled to
    Spain                            Dec, 08               start before Dec. 25,   

    KNPC Mina Ah Ahmadi        P     Dec 01, 08   460,000  Partial shutdown for one
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  month maintenance.      
    Kuwait                           Dec 31, 08                                    

    Sohar                      P     Jan 01, 09   116,400  Full shutdown due to 35 
    Sultanate of Oman                  to                  days maintenance.       
    Oman                             Mar 31, 09                                    

    ERG ISAB North Priolo      P     Jan 01, 09   162,000  Partial shutdown due to 
    ERG SpA, Agip Petroli              to                  planned maintenance     
    SpA                              Mar 31, 09            postponed from 2008.    

    Exxon Mobil                P     Jan 01, 09   233,000  FCC, alkylation, gulfiner
    Gravenchon                         to                  units to shut for four to
    Exxon Mobil Corp                 Apr 01, 09            five week turnaround-full
    France                                                 shutdown.               

    Oil Refineries Haifa       P     Jan 01, 09   180,000  Partial shutdown due to 
    Oil Refineries Ltd                 to                  maintenance of crude    
    Israel                           Jun 30, 09            unit, naphtha, gasoil and
                                                           jet fuel; $50 million   
                                                           upgrade of crude unit to
                                                           use lighter grades.     

    Hellenic Thessaloniki      P     Jan 01, 09    16,500  Refinery partial shutdown
    Hellenic Petroleum SA              to                  for four weeks.         
    Greece                           Jun 30, 09                                    

    Petroplus Cressier         P     Qtr 1, 09     68,000  Turnaround, partial for 
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  25-30 days during 2009. 
    Switzerland                      Qtr 4, 09             Timing not yet confirmed

    SA Mazeikiu Nafta          P     Jan, 09      160,221  Full shutdown at least  
    Polski Koncern                     to                  for 30 days in 2009.    
    Naftowy Orlen,                   Dec, 09               Fluid cracker output to 
    Republic of Lithuania                                  raise by a third.       
    Lithuania                                              Specific timing not yet confirmed.              

    Qatar Mesaieed             P     Qtr 1, 09    200,000  CDUs No. 1 and No. 2 shut
    Qatar Petroleum                    to                  for 34 days.            
    Qatar                            Qtr 1, 09                                     

    Agip Petr Sannazzaro       P     Qtr 1, 09    170,000  Hydrocracker, new,      
    ENI SpA                            to                  capacity 28,000 barrels a
    Italy                            Qtr 2, 09             day, to start up.       

    Ceska Kralupy              P     Qtr 1, 09     68,000  Shutdown planned for    
    Unipetrol, ENI SpA,                to                  maintenance in first half
    Shell Oil Co                     Qtr 2, 09             2009.                   
    Czech Republic                                                                 

    Surgutneftegas             P     Qtr 1, 09    364,800  Partial shutdown due to 
    Kirishi                            to                  new catalytic cracking  
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 09             unit in 2009.           
    Russian Federation                                                             

    Total Fina Lindsey         P     Qtr 1, 09    221,000  New Hydro-desulfurization
    Total SA                           to                  unit to begin ULSD output
    U.K.                             Qtr 4, 09             in 2009.                

    Neste Porvoo               P     Qtr 1, 09    197,000  New Isomerization unit to
    Neste Oil OYJ                      to                  be built and planned to 
    Finland                          Qtr 4, 09             start output in 2009.   
                                                           Gasoline production to be
                                                           raised 200,000 tons per 

    BP Rotterdam Europort      P     Qtr 1, 09    400,000  FCC turnaround planned  
    BP PLC                             to                  for 2009. Additional    
    Netherlands                      Qtr 4, 09             details not avaiable.   

    Agip Petroli Milazzo       P     Feb 01, 09   200,000  Partial shutdown due to 
    ENI SpA                            to                  gasoil                  
    Italy                            Feb 28, 09            hydro-desulfurization   
                                                           output to rise by 12,000 B/d.                    

    TotalFina Elf Donges       P     Feb 15, 09   230,000  CDU shuts in six-week   
    Total SA                           to                  turnaround planned,     
    France                           Mar 31, 09            covering half of the    
                                                           refinery units.         

    Rafinerie Gdanska          P     Mar 01, 09    92,000  Full shutdown for more  
    Grupa Lotos SA                     to                  than one month for      
    Poland                           Mar 31, 09            upgrades.               

    ERG ISAB South Priolo      P     Qtr 1, 09    238,000  15-20 day shutdown of   
    ERG SpA, Agip Petroli              to                  process units.          
    SpA                              Qtr 1, 09                                     

    MOL Szazhalombatta         P     Apr 01, 09   161,000  Partial shutdown for    
    MOL Hungarian Oil and              to                  maintenance.            
    Gas NyRt                         Jun 30, 09                                    

    DEA Heide                  P     May, 09       91,000  Full shutdown for 4-5   
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  weeks of routine        
    Germany                          Jul, 09               maintenance. Work       
                                                           includes changing parts on desulfurization unit 
                                                           to produce lower-sulfur gasoil.                 

    Shell Al Jubail            P     Jun 01, 09   313,000  Low-sulfur diesel unit. 
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                                          
    Saudi Arabia                     Sep 30, 09                                    

    Ras Laffan                 P     Jun, 09      146,000  New refinery scheduled to
    Qatar Petroleum,                   to                  begin operations in mid 
    Total SA, Exxon Mobil            Jun, 09               2009. Refinery processes
    Corp, Idemitsu Kosan                                   gas condensate into light
    Co Ltd, Cosmo Oil Co                                   oil products.           
    Ltd, Mitsui & Co Ltd,                                                          
    Marubeni Corp                                                                  

    TotalFina Elf Antwerp      P     Jun, 09      360,000  Turnaround planned for  
    Total SA                           to                  second half of year to  
    Belgium                          Dec, 09               tie in new FCC waste-gas
                                                           treatment unit. Timing  
                                                           yet to be confirmed.    

    Agip Petr Taranto          P     Jun, 09      110,000  New Hydrocracker,       
    ENI SpA                            to                  capacity 18,000 b/d,    
    Italy                            Jun, 09               scheduled to start up.  

    Petroplus Coryton          P     Jul, 09      172,000  FCC and associated units
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  to be shut down for     
    U.K.                             Sep, 09               regular maintenance in  
                                                           3Q, delayed from 1Q.    

    Hellenic Petroleum         P     Jul 01, 09    72,000  Partial shutdown for    
    Hellenic Petroleum SA              to                  20-25 days.             
    Greece                           Dec 31, 09                                    

    Polski Koncern Plock       P     Qtr 3, 09    270,000  New diesel              
    Polski Koncern                     to                  hydrodesulfurization unit
    Naftowy Orlen                    Qtr 4, 09             scheduled to begin      
    Poland                                                 construction. Capacity  
                                                           6,240 tons a day of high
                                                           purity diesel.          

    Phillips Whitegate         P     Qtr 3, 09     71,000  Full shutdown due to    
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  routine maintenance.    
    Ireland                          Qtr 3, 09                                     

    Hellenic Thessaloniki      P     Oct 01, 09    16,500  Full shutdown for one   
    Hellenic Petroleum SA              to                  month for maintenance.  
    Greece                           Dec 31, 09                                    

    ERTOIL Huelva              P     Oct 01, 09    98,000  Full shutdown due to new
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  crude distillation unit 
    Petroleos SA                     Dec 31, 09            to almost double capacity
    Spain                                                  by 2011.                

    Total Fina Leuna           P     Qtr 4, 09    227,000  New hydrodesulfurization
    Total SA                           to                  unit for kerosene.      
    Germany                          Qtr 4, 09             Capacity 2,880 tons a day
                                                           of kerosene and light   
                                                           diesel oil scheduled to 
                                                           begin service.          

    Qatar Mesaieed             P     Qtr 4, 09    200,000  RFCC unit, sulfur,      
    Qatar Petroleum                    to                  condensate plants shut in
    Qatar                            Qtr 4, 09             fourth quarter for      

    Agip Petr Sannazzaro       P     Qtr 4, 09    170,000  Vacuum distillation unit,
    ENI SpA                            to                  new, capacity 50,000    
    Italy                            Qtr 4, 09             barrels a day, to start 

    MOL Szazhalombatta         P     Jan 01, 10   161,000  Partial shutdown due to 
    MOL Hungarian Oil and              to                  planned maintenance.    
    Gas NyRt                         Mar 31, 10                                    

    ERTOIL Huelva              P     Qtr 1, 10     98,000  New Hydrocracker, with  
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  capacity of 42,000      
    Petroleos SA                     Qtr 1, 10             barrels a day, two      
    Spain                                                  atmospheric vacuum      
                                                           distillation units, and 
                                                           desulfurization plant to
                                                           start up.               

    Neste Porvoo               P     Jan 01, 10   197,000  Full shutdown due to six
    Neste Oil OYJ                      to                  weeks of maintenance.   
    Finland                          Dec 31, 10                                    

    Murphy Oil Milford         P     Qtr 1, 10    108,000  Full shutdown in        
    Haven                              to                  five-year cycle. Month of
    Murphy Oil Corp                  Qtr 4, 10             shutdown not yet        
    U.K.                                                   confirmed               

    Petrola Hellas             P     Qtr 1, 10    100,000  New CDU: 40,000 B/d,    
    Elefsis                            to                  hydrocracker, 20,000 B/d
    Hellenic Petroleum SA            Qtr 1, 10             flexi-coker scheduled to
    Greece                                                 begin production in early 2010. Unit 
                                                               contracted to be built by Technip.    

    Agioi Theodoroi            P     Qtr 1, 10    120,000  New CDU, capacity 60,000
    Motor Oil Holdings SA              to                  barrels a day, scheduled
    Greece                           Qtr 1, 10             to start operations in  
                                                           first quarter 2010.     

    Pearl GTL                  P     Qtr 1, 10    140,000  New GTL refinery to start
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  operations in 2010. First
    Qatar                            Qtr 4, 10             production to start at  
                                                           70,000 b/d, full capacity
                                                           expected a year later.  

    Petroplus Petite           P     Jan, 10      142,000  Maintenance shutdown for
    Couronne                           to                  35-40 days. Timing not  
    Petroplus Holdings AG            Dec, 10               disclosed.              

    Petroplus Reichstett       P     Jan, 10       81,000  Maintenance shutdown for
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  40-45 days. Details not 
    France                           Dec, 10               disclosed.              

    Petroplus Ingolstadt       P     Jan, 10      106,000  Maintenance for 35-40   
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  days during the year.   
    Germany                          Dec, 10               Timing not disclosed.   

    Petrogal Oporto            P     Qtr 1, 10     95,106  New Vacuum distillation,
    Galp Energia SGPS SA               to                  visbreaker, pre-flash,  
    Portugal                         Qtr 4, 10             vacuum flash units to   
                                                           start operations in 2010 to increase
                                                           Nelson compexity to 7.9 from current 6.9.            

    Petroplus Teesside         P     Jan, 10      117,000  Full shutdown for 35-40 
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  days. Exact timing not  
    U.K.                             Dec, 10               disclosed.              

    Lukoil Ukhta               P     Qtr 1, 10     74,000  New units to expand     
    LUKOIL                             to                  capacity to 135,000 b/d 
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 10             scheduled to start in   

    Shell Stanlow              P     Feb, 10      233,000  CDU (two units) and FCC 
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  shut in major turnaround.
    U.K.                             Mar, 10                                       

    Slovnaft Bratislava        P     Apr 01, 10   110,000  Partial shutdown.       
    MOL Hungarian Oil and              to                                          
    Gas NyRt                         Jun 30, 10                                    

    Saudi Aramco Ras           P     Jul 01, 10   325,000  New diesel unit scheduled
    Tanura                             to                  to start, partial       
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co             Sep 30, 10            shutdown.               
    Saudi Arabia                                                                   

    Saras Sarroch              P     Qtr 3, 10    300,000  New Hydrocracker revamp,
    Saras SpA                          to                  steam reformer units to 
    Italy                            Qtr 4, 10             come on line.           

    Petronor Bilbao            P     Qtr 4, 10    220,000  New Coker, capacity     
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  40,000 barrels a day,   
    Spain                            Qtr 4, 10             scheduled to start      

    Rafinerie Gdanska          P     Nov, 10       92,000  New Hydrocracker        
    Grupa Lotos SA                     to                  construction scheduled to
    Poland                           Nov, 10               be completed.           

    ERG ISAB South Priolo      P     Qtr 1, 11    238,000  Planned 45-day, general 
    ERG SpA, Agip Petroli              to                  shutdown during calendar
    SpA                              Qtr 4, 11             2011. Timing not yet    
    Italy                                                  disclosed.              

    ERG ISAB North Priolo      P     Qtr 1, 11    162,000  Partial 15-20 day       
    ERG SpA, Agip Petroli              to                  shutdown for maintenance
    SpA                              Qtr 4, 11             on process units. Timing
    Italy                                                  not yet known.          

    Wintershall Lingen         P     Qtr 1, 11     87,000  Full shutdown planned in
    BP PLC                             to                  2011. Happens every 5   
    Germany                          Qtr 4, 11             years.                  

    Alliance Khabarovsk        P     Qtr 1, 11     94,000  New Hydrocracker,       
    Alliance Group                     to                  hydrotreater for jet and
    OAO/Russia                       Qtr 1, 11             diesel, hydrogen plant, 
    Russian Federation                                     SRU, reformer, visbreaker
                                                           scheduled to start in   
                                                           early 2011.             

    Repsol Cartagena           P     Qtr 1, 11    100,000  New units to expand     
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  capacity to 220,000 b/d,
    Spain                            Qtr 2, 11             including hydrocracker, 
                                                           vacuum distillation,    

    Galp Atlantico Sines       P     Qtr 1, 11    202,670  New Hydrocracker, vaccum
    Galp Energia SGPS SA               to                  distillation unit, vaccum
    Portugal                         Qtr 4, 11             flash unit to start     
                                                           operations in 2011. Nelson     
                                                           complexity to rise to 6.9 from current 5.3.

    Oil Refineries Haifa       P     Qtr 1, 11    180,000  New Hydrocracker        
    Oil Refineries Ltd                 to                  construction to be      
    Israel                           Qtr 4, 11             completed. Final investment decision     
                                                           planned for mid 2008.   

    Neste Porvoo               P     Qtr 1, 11    197,000  Isomerization unit to   
    Neste Oil OYJ                      to                  begin producing         
    Finland                          Qtr 4, 11             premium-quality gasoline.
                                                           Output to rise by 200,000
                                                           metric tons from 4 million tons a year.    

    Lukoil Neftochim           P     Qtr 1, 11    177,000  New units to expand     
    LUKOIL                             to                  capacity to 201,000 b/d 
    Bulgaria                         Qtr 4, 11             scheduled to come on    
                                                           stream in 2011.         

    Nizhny Novgorod            P     Qtr 1, 11    341,000  New units to expand     
    LUKOIL                             to                  capacity to 426,000 b/d 
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 11             scheduled to start in   

    Lukoil Volograd            P     Qtr 1, 11    212,800  New units to expand     
    LUKOIL                             to                  capacity to 261,000     
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 11             barrels a day scheduled 
                                                           to start in 2011.       

    Rosneft Tuapse             P     Qtr 1, 11     78,000  Output to triple to 12  
    Russian Federation                 to                  million tons a year     
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 11             (240,000 barrels of oil a

    ADNOC Ruwais               P     Qtr 3, 11    145,000  New Hydrocracker (41,000
    United Arab Emirates               to                  b/d capacity), gasoil   
    U.A.E.                           Qtr 4, 11             hydrotreater (44,000 b/d
                                                           capacity), sulfur recovery unit (100      
                                                           ton/day) scheduled to begin production.       

    Yanbu                      P     Qtr 1, 12    400,000  New refinery, 400,000   
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co,              to                  barrels a day, expected 
    ConocoPhillips                   Qtr 4, 12             to begin operations in 2012. 
    Saudi Arabia                                                             

    Agip Petr Sannazzaro       P     Qtr 1, 12    170,000  New Hydrocracker,       
    ENI SpA                            to                  capacity 23,000 b/d, to 
    Italy                            Qtr 4, 12             come on stream in 2012. 

    Mari-El                    P     Qtr 1, 12     27,000  New CDU, VDU,           
    Mariisky NPZ Ltd                   to                  hydrocracker, HDS, SRU  
    Russian Federation               Qtr 4, 12             units to expand capacity
                                                           to 90,000 b/d scheduled 
                                                           to come on stream in 2012.                    

    Saudi Aramco Ras           P     Jan 02, 12   325,000  New units to expand     
    Tanura                             to                  capacity to 950,000 b/d 
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co             Dec 31, 12            from 550,000 b/d planned
    Saudi Arabia                                           to start operations.    

    Tupras Izmit               P     Qtr 1, 12    226,433  New Coker scheduled to  
    Tupras Turkiye Petrol              to                  begin production, converting      
    Rafine                           Qtr 4, 12            3.2 million tons of fuel oil to 1.9
    Turkey                                            million tons of diesel/jet, 530,000 tons
                                                           gasoline and 160,000 ton of LPG, 600,000 tons    
                                                           petroleum coke.         

    Conoco Wilhelmshaven       P     Qtr 1, 12    260,000  New Hydrocracker, coker 
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  to increase clean product
    Germany                          Qtr 4, 12             yield to 80% scheduled to
                                                           start output in 2012. Distillation capacity to
                                                           drop to 223,000 barrels a day after the conversion.

    Al-Zour                    P     May, 12      615,000  New refinery, capacity  
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  615,000 barrels a day,  
    Kuwait                           May, 12               scheduled to begin operations.             

    KNPC Al Shuaiba            P     Qtr 3, 12    200,000  Closure planned, full   
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  shutdown and            
    Kuwait                           Qtr 4, 12             decommissioning in      
                                                           conjunction with startup of the Al-Zour   
                                                           refinery in May 2012.            

    Jubail Refinery            P     Qtr 4, 12    400,000  New refinery, 400,000   
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co,              to                  barrels a day, expected 
    Total SA                         Qtr 4, 12             to begin operations.    
    Saudi Arabia                                                                   

    Agip Petr Venezia          P     Qtr 1, 13     90,000  New Hydrocracker planned,
    ENI SpA                            to                  adding 24,000 b/d       
    Italy                            Qtr 4, 13             capacity.               

    Statoil Mongstad           P     Qtr 1, 13    189,000  Full shutdown scheduled 
    Statoil                            to                  for 2013.               
    Norway                           Qtr 4, 13                                     

    Historical Outages:

    OMV Schwechat              U     Oct 10, 08   200,000  Fire in power plant, one
    OMV AG                             to                  of two at refinery. No  
    Austria                          Oct 10, 08            loss in refinery output,
                                                           OMV said.               

    Agip Petr Taranto          N     Oct 06, 08   110,000  Full shutdown after power
    ENI SpA                            to                  cut. Restart confirmed. 
    Italy                            Oct 09, 08                                    

    Agip Petroli Gela          U     Oct 06, 08   100,000  Fire in aromatics unit. 
    ENI SpA                            to                                          
    Italy                            Oct 06, 08                                    

    TotalFina Feyzin           P     Oct 05, 08   115,000  Steam cracker shuts for 
    Total SA                           to                  maintenance.            
    France                           Oct 11, 08                                    

    Tamoil Cremona             U     Oct 03, 08    95,000  Fire in tank farm injures
    Tamoil SA                          to                  one.                    
    Italy                            Oct 04, 08                                    

    Agip Petr Taranto          U     Sep 24, 08   110,000  Full shutdown after power
    ENI SpA                            to                  cut. Units restarted.   
    Italy                            Sep 27, 08                                    

    ERTOIL Huelva              P     Sep 21, 08    98,000  Hydro-desulfurization   
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  shuts.                  
    Petroleos SA                     Oct 13, 08                                    

    Tamoil Cremona             P     Sep, 08       95,000  Full shutdown for       
    Tamoil SA                          to                  two-week maintenance.   
    Italy                            Oct 06, 08            Postponed from June. No 
                                                           reason given.           

    Shell Durban SAPREF        P     Sep 06, 08   180,000  Full shutdown for three 
    BP PLC, Shell Oil Co               to                  weeks of maintenance.   
    South Africa                     Oct 06, 08            Restart confirmed.      

    Tamoil Holborn             P     Sep, 08      105,000  Full shutdown for       
    Tamoil SA                          to                  four-week maintenance to
    Germany                          Oct 06, 08            replace and revamp      
                                                           equipment. Restart      

    Agip Petroli Gela          P     Sep, 08      100,000  CDU, coker maintenance  
    ENI SpA                            to                  cuts runs 80% during    
    Italy                            Sep, 08               partial shutdown during 

    Agip Petr Sannazzaro       P     Sep 02, 08   170,000  Partial shutdown for 15 
    ENI SpA                            to                  days to upgrade plant.  
    Italy                            Sep 30, 08                                    

    Exxon Mobil Antwerp        N     Sep 02, 08   263,000  Full shutdown after power
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  cut. Restarted same day.
    Belgium                          Sep 03, 08            Full operating rates    
                                                           before Sept. 7.         

    Statoil Mongstad           U     Aug 23, 08   189,000  FCC shuts because of    
    Statoil                            to                  leak.                   
    Norway                           Aug 27, 08                                    

    Chevron Pembroke           P     Aug 19, 08   210,000  Leak in alkylation unit.
    Chevron Corp                       to                                          
    U.K.                             Aug 21, 08                                    

    Neste Porvoo               P     Aug 15, 08   197,000  Diesel line to be shut  
    Neste Oil OYJ                      to                  for about one and a half
    Finland                          Oct 02, 08            months maintenance.     

    KNPC Al Shuaiba            N     Aug 05, 08   200,000  Power outage causes some
    Kuwait Petroleum Corp              to                  processing units to shut.
    Kuwait                           Aug 05, 08                                    

    IPLOM Busalla              P     Aug, 08       46,500  Turnaround scheduled for
    IPLOM SpA                          to                  August, no additional   
    Italy                            Aug, 08               information available.  

    Shell Pernis               P     Aug, 08      416,000  New steam plant scheduled
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  to begin operations,    
    Netherlands                      Aug, 08               gas-fired co-gen plant to
                                                           replace oil-fed unit.   

    TNK Ryazan Refinery        P     Aug, 08      340,000  CDU, gasoline           
    Russia 340000-bpd                  to                  hydrotreater shutdowns to
    Crude Oil Processing             Sep, 08               cut runs for maintenance.
    TNK-BP Ltd                                                                     
    Russian Federation                                                             

    IPLOM Busalla              N     Jul 31, 08    46,500  Fire shut production. No
    IPLOM SpA                          to                  information on which unit
    Italy                            Aug 02, 08            was damaged.            

    Total SA Flanders          N     Jul 31, 08   141,000  CDU, desulfurization unit
    Total SA                           to                  stopped for a few hours 
    France                           Aug 01, 08            because of electrical   

    Tamoil Collombey           P     Jul 30, 08    50,000  Catalytic cracker halts 
    Tamoil SA                          to                  for technical work.     
    Switzerland                      Aug 05, 08                                    

    TNK Ryazan Refinery        P     Jul, 08      340,000  CDU AVT-4, reformer,    
    Russia 340000-bpd                  to                  visbreaker to shut for 40
    Crude Oil Processing             Sep, 08               days of repairs.        
    TNK-BP Ltd                                                                     
    Russian Federation                                                             

    Shell Durban SAPREF        N     Jul 22, 08   180,000  Shutdown following power
    BP PLC, Shell Oil Co               to                  cut. Restart confirmed  
    South Africa                     Jul 25, 08            July 23.                

    Petroplus Coryton          N     Jul 18, 08   172,000  Full shutdown after power
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  cut. Unit restarts      
    U.K.                             Aug 15, 08            confirmed on July 20.   
                                                           Except the FCC, which is
                                                           scheduled to resume     
                                                           operations mid-August,  
                                                           company said Aug. 7.    

    Polski Koncern Plock       P     Jul 17, 08   270,000  Hydro-desulfurization   
    Polski Koncern                     to                  unit shuts for          
    Naftowy Orlen                    Aug 31, 08            maintenance. Restart    
    Poland                                                 confirmed.              

    Indeni Ndola               N     Jul 09, 08    23,750  Full shutdown after crude
    Agip Petroli SpA,                  to                  supplies ran out. New oil
    Republic of Zambia               Aug 15, 08            shipment that was       
    Zambia                                                 originally due in       
                                                           mid-July delayed twice to
                                                           early August. No estimate
                                                           given for restart.      

    Petromedia Midia           P     Jul 01, 08    70,000  Partial shutdown for    
    Romania                            to                  catalyst change, and to 
    Romania                          Jul 15, 08            expand 10 ppm Euro-V    
                                                           gasoline output.        

    Polski Koncern Plock       N     Jul 01, 08   270,000  Fire in olefin unit     
    Polski Koncern                     to                  during maintenance, no  
    Naftowy Orlen                    Jul 01, 08            loss to production.     

    BP Rotterdam Europort      U     Jun 28, 08   400,000  CDU, capacity 200,000   
    BP PLC                             to                  b/d, shutting for       
    Netherlands                      Jul 26, 08            unplanned maintenance,  
                                                           de-coking of a furnace. 
                                                           One of two CDU’s at the 

    Shell Pernis               P     Jun 22, 08   416,000  Compressor maintenance in
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  hydrgoen plant.         
    Netherlands                      Jun 29, 08                                    

    Petroplus Ingolstadt       N     Jun 18, 08   106,000  Full shutdown after power
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  cut. Full production    
    Germany                          Jun, 08               planned within a week.  

    Yukos Samara               U     Jun 16, 08   150,000  Reformer shut for       
    YUKOS                              to                  repairs. Restart        
    Russian Federation               Jun 20, 08            confirmed.              

    Rosneft Novo               U     Jun 16, 08   200,000  Reformer shut for       
    Kuibishev                          to                  repairs. Restart        
    Rosneft Oil Co                   Jun 20, 08            confirmed.              
    Russian Federation                                                             

    SA Mazeikiu Nafta          N     Jun 16, 08   160,221  Full shutdown on power  
    Polski Koncern                     to                  cut. All units restarted
    Naftowy Orlen,                   Jun 18, 08            by June 18.             
    Republic of Lithuania                                                          

    Petroplus Teesside         P     Jun 15, 08   117,000  Full maintenance        
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  shutdown. Happens every 
    U.K.                             Jul 30, 08            two years.              

    Repsol Tarragona           U     Jun 11, 08   160,000  Hydrocracker shut because
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  of fire caused by an    
    Spain                            Jun 18, 08            “electric storm.”     

    Exxon Mobil                P     Jun 10, 08   233,000  Gasoil unit shuts for 10
    Gravenchon                         to                  days in June to change  
    Exxon Mobil Corp                 Jun 20, 08            catalyst. Restart       
    France                                                 confirmed.              

    Petroplus BRC              U     Jun 09, 08   110,000  CDU, visbreaker, VDU shut
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  down after fire in      
    Belgium                          Aug, 08               visbreaker. Repairs due 
                                                           to last until late July.
                                                           CDU restart planned for 
                                                           end June. Refinery      
                                                           operating at 65 percent 
                                                           as of Aug. 7, and       
                                                           returning to full output.

    Agioi Theodoroi            P     Jun 06, 08   120,000  Hydrocracker installed. 
    Motor Oil Holdings SA              to                  Starts output early July.
    Greece                           Jul 06, 08                                    

    INA Rijeka                 N     Jun 06, 08   102,060  Vacuum distillation unit
    INA Industrija Nafte               to                  shuts.                  
    DD                               Jun, 08                                       

    INA Rijeka                 N     Jun 06, 08   102,060  Runs cut on poor margins.
    INA Industrija Nafte               to                                          
    DD                               Jun, 08                                       

    INA Sisak                  N     Jun 06, 08   143,000  Runs cut on poor margins.
    INA Industrija Nafte               to                                          
    DD                               Jun, 08                                       

    TNK Ryazan Refinery        P     Jun, 08      340,000  CDU AVT-2 shut for 40   
    Russia 340000-bpd                  to                  days of repairs.        
    Crude Oil Processing             Jul, 08                                       
    TNK-BP Ltd                                                                     
    Russian Federation                                                             

    Repsol Puertollano         P     Jun, 08      140,000  Partial shutdown for CDU
    Repsol YPF SA                      to                  No. 1 (25 days) and Coker
    Spain                            Jun, 08               (20 days) brought forward
                                                           from third quarter.     
                                                           Company confirmed       
                                                           maintenance completed.  

    Agip Petroli Milazzo       P     Jun 02, 08   200,000  CDU, Hydrocracking and  
    ENI SpA                            to                  conversion units shut for
    Italy                            Jun, 08               maintenance.            

    Shell Stanlow              P     May 30, 08   233,000  Sulfur recovery unit    
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  shuts for at least four 
    U.K.                             Jun 28, 08            weeks as of late May.   

    Statoil Kalundborg         N     May 30, 08    72,000  Visbreaker shut by fire.
    Statoil, Shell Oil Co              to                  Diesel rates cut 20% to 
    Denmark                          Jun 06, 08            30%. Full rates estimated
                                                           around June 6.          

    Petroplus Coryton          N     May 27, 08   172,000  Power failure upset     
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  operations. Extent of   
    U.K.                             May 27, 08            production loss, units  
                                                           affected not disclosed. 

    TRN Vlissingen             P     May 12, 08   149,000  Hydrocracker shut for   
    Total SA, Dow                      to                  three weeks for catalyst
    Chemical Co/The                  May 29, 08            replacement. Restart    
    Netherlands                                            confirmed.              

    Total Fina Leuna           P     May 02, 08   227,000  Full shutdown for seven 
    Total SA                           to                  weeks in five-year cycle
    Germany                          Jun 21, 08            of inspection and       
                                                           maintenance. Restart    

    ERTOIL Huelva              P     May, 08       98,000  Visbreaker maintenance  
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  for 7 days in May, 7 days
    Petroleos SA                     Jul, 08               in September; Platformer
    Spain                                                  maintenance for 18 days 
                                                           in June and 15 days in  

    Nigerian Kaduna            P     May 01, 08   110,000  Full shutdown for 45 day
    Nigerian National                  to                  maintenance.            
    Petroleum Corp                   Jun 15, 08                                    

    Chevron Pembroke           N     Apr 29, 08   210,000  Full shutdown because of
    Chevron Corp                       to                  fault in steam plant.   
    U.K.                             May 07, 08            Unit restarts started May

    Ineos Grangemouth          N     Apr 28, 08   207,000  Hydrocracker unit fire on
    Ineos Group Ltd                    to                  May 10 as plant restarted
    U.K.                             May 28, 08            after strike. Restart   
                                                           confirmed at end of May 
                                                           after repairs.          

    Ineos Grangemouth          N     Apr 19, 08   207,000  Full shutdown during    
    Ineos Group Ltd                    to                  two-day union strike on 
    U.K.                             Apr 28, 08            April 27-28. Units      
                                                           started closing on April
                                                           19. Normal operations   
                                                           expected two to three   
                                                           weeks after restart. Full
                                                           output expected May 18. 

    Petroplus Coryton          P     Apr, 08      172,000  Platformer shut for     
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  one-week maintenance in 
    U.K.                             Apr, 08               late April. Specific    
                                                           dates not available.    

    Bayernoil Neustadt         P     Apr 14, 08   125,600  Full shutdown. Scheduled
    OMV AG, Ruhr Oel                   to                  tie-in for new mild     
    GmbH, Agip                       May 09, 08            hydrocracker unit; start
    Deutschland GmbH, BP                                   of production delayed to
    PLC                                                    end year after new      
    Germany                                                pipeline with vacuum    
                                                           gasoil feed is          

    Cepsa Tenerife             P     Apr, 08       85,000  CDU to shut 17 days in  
    Cia Espanola de                    to                  April, 5 days in May for
    Petroleos SA                     May, 08               maintenance. Visbreaker:
    Spain                                                  17 days in April.       
                                                           Platformer, 19 days in  

    Neste Porvoo               U     Apr 04, 08   197,000  Hydrocracker and coker  
    Neste Oil OYJ                      to                  maintenance on diesel   
    Finland                          Jun 30, 08            unit for two weeks.     
                                                           Hydrocracker damaged in 
                                                           April 4 fire during     
                                                           shutdown. Units         
                                                           restarted. Coking problem
                                                           reduces hydrocracker    
                                                           rates through June.     

    Exxon Slagentangen         P     Apr 04, 08   110,000  Partial shutdown. Details
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  about which units will be
    Norway                           May 04, 08            shut were not given.    

    Conoco Wilhelmshaven       N     Qtr 2, 08    260,000  Runs cut on weak margins.
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  Extent of reductions not
    Germany                          Qtr 3, 08             disclosed. Conoco said  
                                                           reductions that started 
                                                           in second quarter will  
                                                           extend into the third.  

    Tupras Kirikkale           P     Qtr 2, 08    113,216  New hydrosulfurization  
    Tupras Turkiye Petrol              to                  unit and CCR units to   
    Rafine                           Qtr 2, 08             start production.       

    Shell Pernis               P     Apr, 08      416,000  Hydrocracker, platformer
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  maintenance turnaround, 
    Netherlands                      May, 08               partial shutdown for four
                                                           weeks starting in early 
                                                           April. Restart first week
                                                           of May.                 

    Dansk Shell                P     Apr, 08       64,000  Partial shutdown from   
    Fredericia                         to                  early April to early May.
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC            May, 08                                       

    Slovnaft Bratislava        P     Apr, 08      110,000  Partial shutdown.       
    MOL Hungarian Oil and              to                                          
    Gas NyRt                         May, 08                                       

    Shell Stanlow              U     Apr 02, 08   233,000  Jet fuel output cut     
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  because of fault at     
    U.K.                             Apr 05, 08            refinery. Normal        
                                                           operations resume April 

    Petroplus BRC              P     Qtr 2, 08    110,000  Visbreaker, naphtha     
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  hydrotreater shutdowns  
    Belgium                          Qtr 2, 08             scheduled.              

    Moscow Oil Refinery        P     Apr 01, 08   242,000  FCC shut early April, CDU
    Central Fuel Co,                   to                  to shut April 15. Full  
    Gazpromneft OAO                  May 23, 08            operations resumed May  
    Russian Federation                                     23, according to the    

    Petroplus Antwerp          P     Apr 01, 08    65,000  Turnaround maintenance  
    Petroplus Holdings AG              to                  for 35 days. No         
    Belgium                          May, 08               additional details      

    Sibneft Omsk               P     Apr 01, 08   390,000  Gasoline, Euro-3 grade  
    Gazprom OAO                        to                  production begins. Diesel
    Russian Federation               Apr 01, 08            fuel to Euro 3,4,5      
                                                           standards to start in   

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