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EU Refinery 2008 S/D & Add Update -2007-2010

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    <Bloomberg 2008 update on EU Refinery S/D & Additions 2007-210 – CER>
    European Refinery Shutdowns, Expansions in 2007-2010 (Table)
    06:59 (New York)

    By Nidaa Bakhsh and Bill Murray
         Feb. 1 (Bloomberg) — Following is a table of scheduled and
    unplanned refinery shutdowns, new plants and capacity expansions
    in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the fourth quarter of
    2007, and for all of 2008, 2009 and 2010. The symbol + signifies
    an unplanned halt.

    Refinery             Date    Shutdown  Capacity  Unit/Reason

    New information:

    Shell Stanlow       Oct.      partial   240,000  Crude
         U.K.                                       distillation unit to be shut
                                                     down for about a month

    Shell Stanlow       Feb.      partial   240,000  Two crude
         U.K.           2010                         distillation units, catalytic
                                                     cracker to be shut down for
                                                     routine maintenance

    ERG Sicily           1Q       partial   162,000  Planned
         Italy          2009                         maintenance moved from this year

    Previous information:

    2008 START

    +Baiji               Jan. 7-  full      310,000  Started
         Iraq            Jan. 8                      production after explosion
                                                     on Jan. 7. Operating at
                                                     200,000 B/D

    +Conoco Whitegate    Jan. 14  partial    71,000  Output cut 10
         Ireland                                     percent until Jan. 21

    AB Mazeikiu Nafta    Jan. 21  partial   147,000  Started vacuum
         Lithuania                                   distillation
                                                     unit after fire Oct. 2006

    Statoil Mongstad     Jan. 23  partial   200,000  At 75% capacity
         Norway                                      after fire in
                                                     gasoline-making unit. Full
                                                     output expected end of Jan.

    NNPC Warri           End Jan. full      125,000  Proposed start
         Nigeria                                     after militant attack caused
                                                     shutdown in Feb. 2006

    Adnoc Ruwais         End Jan. partial   140,000  Hydrocracker
         U.A.E.                                      due to restart
                                                     after being shut Dec. 22
                                                     for maintenance

    Shell Pernis         Q1       partial   416,000  Planned
    The Netherlands                                  maintenance

    Ineos Grangemouth    Feb.     partial   200,000  Shuts catalytic
         U.K.                                        reformer for 24 days of

    Exxon Fawley         Feb. 2   partial  300,000   Planned
         U.K.                                        maintenance for
                                                     six weeks on crude unit.
                                                     Expected start on March 16.

    NNPC Kaduna          1H Feb.  full      110,000  Proposed start
         Nigeria                                     after militants sabotaged a
                                                     pipeline in Feb. 2006

    Statoil Kalundborg   Dec. 27- partial   110,000  Seven-week
         Denmark         mid-Feb.            maintenance to increase
                                                     diesel, fuel-oil output

    Lukoil Odessa        1Q       partial    56,000  New visbreaker
         Ukraine                                     to produce more
                                                     gasoil, kerosene instead of
                                                     heavy fuel oil

    Mol Nyrt.            1Q       partial   162,000  Planned
         Szazhalombatta                              maintenance

    Sasol Ras Laffan     Feb.     partial    34,000  Maintenance to
         Qatar                                       last 28 days

    Total Grandpuits     March    partial   100,000  4-6 week
         France                                      shutdown

    Takreer Abu Dhabi    March    full       85,000  One-month
         U.A.E.                                      maintenance shutdown

    Bayernoil Neustadt   Apr. 14- full      120,000  Shutdown for
         Germany         May 9                       maintenance and to boost
                                                              diesel output

    Hellenic Elefsis     2Q       partial   100,000  15-day shutdown
         Greece                                      postponed from 1Q

    Mol Nyrt.            2Q       partial   110,000  Planned
         Bratislava                                  maintenance

    Total Leuna          2Q       full      227,000  Scheduled
         Germany                                     maintenance for 6 weeks

    Petroplus Cressier   2Q       partial    68,000  Scheduled
         Switzerland                                 maintenance for 10 days

    Petroplus Teesside   2Q       partial   117,000  Scheduled
         U.K.                                        maintenance for 25 days

    Petroplus Antwerp    2Q                 110,000  Scheduled
         Belgium                                     maintenance for 35 days

    Koch Rotterdam       1H       partial    80,000  Shutdown to
        Netherlands                                  tie in new naphtha slate

    Hellenic Petroleum   1H       partial    75,000  Maintenance to
         Thessaloniki                                last 20-25 days

    Statoil Mongstad     Sept.-   full      201,000  6-week
         Norway          Oct.                        maintenance;
                                                     crude unit down for 2 weeks

    Petrom Constanta     2H       partial            New LPG unit

    Galp Sines           Sept.-   full      220,000  Maintenance
         Portugal        Oct.

    Shell Stanlow        Oct.      partial   240,000 Crude
         U.K.                                        distillation unit to be
                                                      shut down for about a month

    Chevron Pembroke     3Q-4Q    partial   210,000  Fluid catalytic
         Wales                                       cracking unit to be shut down
                                                     for 6 weeks

    Tupras, Izmit        4Q       partial            New fluid
         Turkey                                      catalytic cracker

    Surgutneftegaz Kirishi 4Q     partial   240,000  New hydro-
         Russia                                      cracking unit

    Petronas Durban      Oct.     partial   125,000  1-month
         South Africa                                maintenance

    Exxon Gravenchon     Oct.     partial   233,000  4-5 week
         France                                      steam cracker shutdown

    Petro SA Mossel Bay  Dec.     partial    40,000  1 train down
          South Africa                               for routine maintenance

    KNPC Mina Al Ahmadi  Dec.     partial   466,000  One-month
         Kuwait                                      shutdown

    BP Castellon         4Q       partial    20,000  New coker
         Spain                                       unit. Startup end 2008

    Oil Refineries                partial   180,000  Crude unit,
         Haifa, Israel                               naphtha, gasoil, jet fuel

    2009 START

    Oman Sohar           1Q       full      116,000  Shutdown for
                                                     35 days

    Exxon Gravenchon     1Q       full      233,000  4-5 week
         France                                      shutdown

    ERG Sicily           1Q       partial   162,000  Planned
         Italy                                       maintenance moved from this

    Total Lindsey                 partial   220,000  New hydro-
         U.K.                                        desulfurization unit

    Petroplus Cressier            partial    68,000  Scheduled
         Switzerland                                 maintenance

    Agip Petroli Milan   Feb.     partial   160,000  Gasoil hydro-
          Italy                                      desulfurization output to rise
                                                     by 12,000 b/d

    Total Donges         Feb. 15  partial   230,000  Planned
         France                                      maintenance.
                                                     Expected start-up end of March

    Grupa Lotos Gdansk   March    full       92,000  Shut down for
         Poland                                      more than 1month for upgrades

    PKN Orlen Plock      2Q       partial   253,000  New diesel unit

    Mol Nyrt.            2Q       partial   162,000  Planned maintenance

    Hellenic Petroleum   1H       partial   140,000  Scheduled
         Aspropyrgos                                 maintenance to last four weeks

    Total Immingham      1H       partial   220,000  New low-sulfur
         U.K.                                        diesel facility

    Oil Refineries Haifa 1H       partial   180,000  $50 million
         Israel                                      upgrade of crude unit to
                                                     use heavier grades

    Hellenic Petroleum   2H       partial    75,000  Maintenance to
         Thessaloniki                                last 20-25 days

    AB Mazeikiu Nafta             full      200,000  To be shut at
         Lithuania                                   least 30 days.Fluid cracker
                                                     output to rise by a third

    Saudi Aramco Shell   3Q                 305,000  Low-sulfur
         Jubail                                      diesel unit
         Saudi Arabia

    Cepsa Huelva         4Q       full       90,000  New crude-
          Spain                                      distillation unit to almost
                                                     double capacity by 2011

    Hellenic Aspropygos  4Q       full      140,000  1-month
         Greece                                      shutdown for maintenance

    Total Leuna          4Q       partial   212,000  New
         Germany                                     desulfurization unit

    Tatneft Nizhnekhamsk          full      140,000  Startup of new
         Russia                                      refinery

    Conoco Whitegate              full      71,000   Routine
         Ireland                                     maintenance

    Surgutneftegaz Kirishi        partial   240,000  New catalytic
         Russia                                      cracking unit

    2010 START

    Motor Oil Agioi      1Q       full      120,000  New crude-
    Theodoroi                                        distillation unit

    Mol Nyrt.            1Q       partial   162,000  Planned
         Szazhalombatta                              maintenance

    Shell Stanlow       Feb.      partial   240,000  Two crude
         U.K.                                        distillation units,catalytic
                                                     cracker to be shut down for
                                                     routine maintenance

    Mol Nyrt.            2Q       partial   110,000  Planned
         Bratislava                                  maintenance

    Hellenic Petroleum                      100,000  New 40,000 b/d
         Elefsina                                    hydrocracker;
         Greece                                      20,000 b/d flexi-coker

    Saudi Aramco         3Q       partial   100,000  New diesel
         Ras Tanura                                  unit

    Neste Porvoo                  full      196,000  About six weeks
         Finland                                     of maintenance


    –With reporting by Marek Miler in Prague, Elizabeth
    Konstantinova in Sofia, Nathaniel Espino in Warsaw, Armorel
    Kenna in Milan, Anthony DiPaola in Rome, Tara Patel in Paris,
    Kristian Rix in Madrid, Ayla Jean Yackley in Istanbul, Haralabos
    Papachristou in Athens, Carli Lourens in Johannesburg, Nesa
    Subrahmaniyan in Singapore, Adam Brown in Bucharest, Geoffrey
    Kapembwa in Lusaka, Glen Carey, Ayesha Daya, and Arif Sharif in
    Dubai, Milda Seputyte in Vilnius, Thomas Rose in Frankfurt,
    Eduard Gismatullin and Alexander Kwiatkowski in London, and Fred
    Pals in Amsterdam.

    –Editors: Will Kennedy, Stephen Cunningham.

    To contact the reporters on this story:
    Bill Murray in London at +44-20-7073-3132 or;
    Nidaa Bakhsh in London at +44-20-7673-2229 or

    To contact the editor responsible for this story:
    Stephen Voss at +44-20-7073-3520 or

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