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Estimation of riser termination device efficiency and DP

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    Dear all,
            Currently I am working on estimation of cyclone efficiency in FCC Rx and Rg and subsequently catalyst loss. We have UOP Rx with VSS and closed couple cyclone system. In order to reduce the cat loss riser is filled with swirl arm as riser termination device.
    Currently I am not aware of any method by which i can estimate efficiency of this riser termination device and find the actual cat loading to the cyclones. Most of the literature has the methods which are applicable for bubbling bed.
    Can anyone pls share any open literature to estimate this or if i use the eqn which are applicable for bubbling bed how much accuracy in predictions i should expect.

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    Daniele Colle

    In the case of a VSS termination device I believe UOP would be the only source of information you can use. Their CFD studies should be reliable…

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    Hello. I work for a company called Tracerco and have done many studies on the UOP RTD. I would be willing to discuss your problems if required. you can contact me by emailing

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