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Essar Vadinar Refinery Expansion Tripples capacity & add Phase I + Phase II cokers

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    Charles Randall

    <Note I only lifted out the main points around Refinery/Coker reference sections on this article – CER>
    Essar Oil plans more than 3-fold expansion of Vadinar refinery 
    Indian Express Finance via Yahoo! India News – Nov 17, 2007
    After Reliance Industries, the Essar group, too, is going for a mega refinery expansion. The board of directors of Essar Oil Limited – belonging to the Ruias – has approved plans to increase the capacity of the refinery at Vadinar, Gujarat, from 10.5 million tonnes per annum (220,000 bbls per day) to 34 mtpa (700,000 bbls per day). The expansion is being carried out at a cost of $6 billion (Rs 24,000 crore) ……….
    ………. The current installed capacity of the refinery is 10.5 million tonnes per annum (220,000 bbls per day), made at an investment of approximately $3 billion (Rs 12, 000 crore). The refinery was commissioned in November 2006 and has been operating at approximately 7.5 million tonnes.
    The fluid catalytic conversion unit (FCCU) and diesel hydro de-sulphuriser unit (DHDS), which will be fully operational shortly, will enable the refinery to reach its full capacity ie, 10.5 million tonnes. These units will enable the company to process heavier crudes and meet the stricter international emission norms. “The company will be expanding its capacity progressively to 34 million tonnes per annum by 2010.
    The first stage of expansion will involve de-bottlenecking and the addition of more sophisticated bottom upgrading units such as delayed coker,” the company said. The second phase of expansion will see a new set of distillation units, including addition of all secondary units and another coker……..
    ……..The basic engineering design for the expansion has been completed. The equipment will incorporate the latest in technology from well renowned international suppliers. With the expansion, the refinery will be able to handle a wide range of crudes from light to heavy and take advantage of the market differential between heavy and light crudes.
    The Nelson Complexity Index of the refinery after the expansion to 34 million tonnes per annum will be approximately 12.8……….

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    Charles Randall

    Here is Announcement on New Coker additions – several versions out there but most left out coker additions.
     Essar Vadinar Refinery cokers a Phase I expansion ~debottleneck & add coker by 2010 and increase capacity & Phase II coker when a new set of distillation & all secondary units are added. The basic engineering is done and the expansion plans have been approved for $6Billion to ~ Tripple the Refinery capacity from 220MBD to 700MBD.
    The newly commissioned Vadinar refinery (Nov 2006) with a 220 MBD (10.5 million mtpy) capacity is just now finishing up on addition of FCCU & DHDS units which will be operational and enable the refinery to reach the full capacity rates (been operating at 7.5 million mtpy).

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