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Erosion inside the riser at Feed injector location

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    Freddy Martinez

    During recent shutdown of one of our FCC unit, it is noted that the vibrocast refractory lining in the area of feed injection (1-2 m) got thinned and cracks were also observed. Thinning took place over a period of 4 years since its installation. Erosion is not seen any of other parts of riser. Could anyone has this type of experience. Is it due the high velocity of feed jet?

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    Dear Sir,

    This is a very interesting phenomena which has often been not reported.Often the velocity is not the only criteria for erosion in such a case. Can you provide me your email ID/contact details so I can get back to you immediately ? 
    Mine is Hoping for your reply.

    Thanking you
    Best regards,

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