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Entry for inspection/repair inside Coke drums with unheading valves

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    We are going to upgrade our Coker unit by installing coke drum bottom unheading valve.
    We used to errect scaffolding inside the coke drum for scheduled internal inspection and perform welding repairs if required. Scaffolding materials are being brought inside the drum via the 72″ bottom flange and scaffolding base used to be the drum cone.
    If we installed the unheading valve, can we bring scaffolding inside the drum via the valve? And how?
    If not, what is the alternate facilty to perform internal inspection / repairs?

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    Gergely Boha
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    we already deal with CIA Inspectors and they had performed remote inspection for our coke drums four times before.

    I am asking about the extensive visual inspection with Dye Penetrate test and Implementing the required repairs in case that inspection results showed cracks in the coke drum welding.

    If we installed the bottom unheading valves, could we bring / erect scaffolding inside the drum to perform these activities? and how?

    would we have to deassemply the undeading valve to be able to bring scaffolding materials inside the drum?

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