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    In order to improve safety during deheading the bottom of our coke drum we would like to know how long does it typically take from the start of drum draining (after quench) until the bottom head of the drum is opened ?
    At the moment our deheading of the bottom head starts when there is still (a small amount of) water in the bottom section of the coke drum. From time to time this exposes our operators to eruptional/sudden hot !!! coke/water releases while opening the flange or cleaning the chute flange.
    Is there a guideline how long to wait after start of draining until the bottom head can be opened ?
    Is also refer to the following post 2005/1/26:
    When is a Drum considered quenched and safe to vent, drain and open? Are such parameters as Drum Level, a minimum of total quench water fill, top temperature, bottom skin temperature and sour water make considered? Are there other things to consider? Are Drum checklists used to determine when a Drum is safely quenched? What are the best practices?

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    Every facility should have a set of parameters to determine if a drum is quenched sufficiently to open to the atmosphere.  This should include, but not necessarily be limited to, total quench water added to drum, total sour water make, drum pressure, drum temps, etc.  However, as an operator, please tell your people to always remember:  Opening a drum is a crap shoot.  You never know what you will get!

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