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Drum vibration

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    Freddy Martinez

    During a purge steam to main tower our drum vibrated. We are using a regular procedure about steam flow. The unique difference is the feed. We were processing VR (vaccum residue) mixed with 20 % of slurry oil (decanted oil) from FCCU.
    Any suggestion about this problems ?

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    Are you saying 20% of your feed is FCCU slurry?  That seems really high.  We have a standing rule of 10% max and we’ve never gone that high.

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    yasser badri

    ur drums vibrated couse overhead is blug you have temprutute transmeter make scales or sludge on it open overhead line and clean it

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    You are right. Our feed has 20 % of slurry oil from FCC.

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    I’d like to know what’s the typical value for vibration on coke drums operations during the complete cycle. Could anyone help me with these typical values?

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