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Drum Structure

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    Freddy Martinez

    What is it the typical fire protection in the drum structure ? Is there any kind of fireproofing ? Cement x Painting ?
    In our case we have only a water protection like sprinklers and so on.


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    Hello guest…

    The rain system, or sprinklers, is the most economical and approachable systems in fire protection (in the drum structure). Generally in the drums structure, dont have flammable materials due to high temperatures that are handled there.

    The objetive’s sprinklers, is suffocate the flame, or minimize the risk of explosion, material and human losses. Increasing the umbral of maneuverability and response.

    I hope you understand my english… [:-]

    Grettings from Venezuela!!!

    Write me here!! so we can interchange any information necessary:

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    We have sprinklers and gladiators water “gun”. These gladiators have the capacity of 3000 gpm each one. Also these gladiators reach the last deck in case of emergency.

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