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    Morne Potgieter

    We are looking at upgrading al of our sampling systems on various units.  On particular bugbear is the coker drum overhead.   Ideally one would like to get a representative sample of the gas and liquid flowing through the drum overhead line.  Is it possible?  Are there any manufacturers that has installed these type of sampling point? 
    The current system we have on was mainly to sample liquids and has been blocked for a few years, so any pointers would be appreciated.

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    I have never seen a coke drum OVHD line sample system.  I once sampled a heater outlet but that was a R&D effort not a regular sample.  The composition of the OVHD is normally back calculated from the products and recycled streams (gas oil quench, anti-foam carrier, and normal recycle).  Some computer models also estimate this composition.

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