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Drum Insulation Failure

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    Freddy Martinez

    Are you’ll having issues with the bird cage design coke drum insulation?  The bands that is holding up the bird cage insulation at our coking is breaking due to corrosion and exposing the drum. What is the best practice for coke drum insulation?, we have attempted to pull it back up but was unsuccessful. Are your Coke drums experiencing major insulation failure?

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    A Bird cage properly design is the best practice. Metal straps should be A-572-50 material prepared per SP-10 and coated with Zinc Silicone Primer to avoid any corrosion issues.
    Regards, Canadian Coker

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    Arun Prasad

    I’m new to this forum & will appreciate if you could send me the specification, method statement or details of the insulation drawings. Actually as per the specification the insulation material is ‘rockwool blanket of 192 kg/m3’ density. But the insulation manufacturer is expressing the inability to supply this high density matress.

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