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Drum Bolt

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    Hey, does anyone know how to cope with this?
    we recently found the three broken anchor bolt from one of coke drums.
    They were broken unsimultaneously, because one has rusty broken surface but others doesn’t.
    The break does not appear to be a “Typical” tensile failure.  It looks more like brittle fracture.
    Replace them? or Conduct project about Drum Safty?

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    We have same problem in anchor bolt
    Does anybody has same experence and countmeasurement ? 

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    are your coke drums provided with “conical discs springs” in the bolts? we are current designing a coke drum anchoring system and we will install some of these discs to allow the displacements due to thermal effects. Do you know some thing about the thermal effects on skirt?

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    are the bolts provided with conical disc springs??

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    We also has the same problem in our coke drums.
    One coke drum has 20 foundation bolts and 5 of them have broken.
    It seem this is a common problem

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    Are these shear failures?.Any conclusion why it failed? We are seeing similar failures which is under investigation 

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    Claus Graf

    Our coke drums have anchor bolts that go thru a sleeve in the tabletop concrete, with nuts at both ends. This makes it easier to replace if/when required.

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