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Drill stem rotation device

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    Chris Gallagher

    We have recently discovered fatigue cracking in our Drill Stem Rotation Assembly.  We are currently in the process of repairing and setting up an inspection program to prevent this problem from getting to the stage we currently are in.  In doing so I am trying to find information on the equipment.  The placard indicates it is a DECO T 154A Power Swivel made by DECO of Beaumont Texas.  Does anyone know how to contact them or if they are still in business?

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    Ken Osment

    We have seven IDECO (Dresser) 15ton units, and seven Ingersol-Dressor P-15-4AX units, which are essentially the same but of different vintages. These are now handled by Flowserve Inc. There are other companies which service these, and we service our own if no significant restorations are necessary.  I can e-mail you the technical contact within Flowserve if you want, or ask away and I may be able to help. 

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    The rotary joint was made by Ideco.  Flowserve Pump Division now handles that product.  Contact Roy Smith at Flowserve.  Roy or call 713-803-4418.

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