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Drain and Cut all at once

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    David Delve

    Hi, I’m looking for feed back from Rat’s with experience using Delta Valves as drains. It’s Managements desire to shove more feed through this place. The only window left is my draining and cutting time. As a Delta Valve has greatly reduced De-Heading time the only thing left is to cut. We would usually Soak a drum for 20/30 min. I’d like to know if anyone has actually opened a drum full of water and cut a Pilot Hole. I would think this would almost promote a collapse resulting in a empty drum. As far as the valve seat receiving Coke particulates in the seat area, could you not also hook-up a wash water purge for copulas amounts of water purge during and after cutting sequence? It’s also my intent to try this on a Drum’s full of Vac Tower residual Coke.

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    In the Corpus Christy Refinery, They installed a new design (7-8 years ago, they are running between 10 to 11 hours cycle) in the bottom of drums, similar to telescope that coming down of the ceiling (around the bottom of the drum) and totally covers the bottom of the drums (the personnel are protecte and far away from the bottom, since everything is automatic), this allows them to open the bottom of the drums (deheading automatly), draining the drum. As your indicate the drum collapses (coke and water go to the maze) and sometimes you can observed that the drum is almost free of coke, and the operator only coming to cut lateral way (the patent belongs to the Tariq Malik Advisor for the CITGO refinery, maybe you can contact him).

    I´m sorry for my english

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    We do not refer to our Cokers techs as Rat’s, we prefer to call them Coker Tech’s or Operator. We show our Coker Tech’s respect, Rats to me is unprofessional

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    David Delve

    In today’s touchy feely society it’s not uncommon to meet people trying to gain respect through neutrality rather than earning it. “Rat’s” is a moniker associated with a right of passage or if you will a badge of honor. Tech’s ….!! ? Just another nice word for Labors… suck it up Princess

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    When drain and cut is ‘all at once’ (free dump of shot coke and water), what is the duration of ‘all at once’ for what volume, or what diameter and height, in minutes? What we’re after is how much impact energy does the chute absorb in a full dump.

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