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Device for sensing water cutter progress?

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    I’m looking for an experienced operator or engineer to help us see if our ruggedized (Class 1 Division 1 compliant) industrial microphone can bring higher performance to the cutting process. We’d like to install the microphone in a position where it can detect when the water cutter hits the metal drum, and so give the operator a very good monitor on cutting progress. Because our microphones are passive, they are completely safe in this environment. We need a coking site to test this idea and look at some results. Can anyone suggest a partner for us? Thanks!

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    Ken Osment

    Our two newest cokers have accelerometers mounted in three locations which indicate when the drum has been cleaned to that level. Bently-Nevada also has a new system which involves usinf a temporary accelerometer mounted on the vapour line or top head which can detect when the bit is cutting coke and when it is simply hitting the drum. We are currently looking at adding the latter system to our existing cokers to aide the operators in this matter.

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    Interesting, in that we’ve worked with Bently-Nevada on accelerometer development also, but for application in a different industry. Does the temporary nature of the top head system mean that it must be moved in-and-out of the way during routine operations? Also, wouldn’t an acoustical signal provide more accurate information and with less instrumentation? We’re still trying to figure out whether this is a possible niche for our device. Many thanks for your valuable input.

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