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Determining when to end piggings

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    Currently we are relying on the piggers to determine when it is best to end the pigging, I would like to know what method your companies use to determine how clean your tubes are and when is the best time to end the pigging process

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    As a pigging contractor we have a number of ways to determine cleanliness. This is established with a uniform pressure profile, zero coke returns, minimal discloration of water, condition of pigg, & condition of final sponge. There is a differential on these signals if the heater is Plug header or u bend configuration. Are you experiencing issues on this once pigging has been completed?
    Roman Korpus
    D.D.Technology Inc.

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    We are looking for a method that we can use to determine how clean the furnace is more accurately which would allow us to optimize the amount of time that we allow for pigging as we are having difficulty in accurately scheduling the amount of time for piggings.

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    This a difficult item to measure on a consistancy basis. Many variables play into this equation. Coke thickness, Hot spots, Change in feed stock, different operators pigging, duration of run length. All of these can vary the pigging duration, which makes it difficult to establisk a set time for pigging with out knowing the condition of the unit until pigging begins. Even while pigging some coke may come off easy on one pass & then on the other pass(s) it may be laid down more dense ( harder firing ) causing a longer pigging duration. The more information we can get up front prior to pigging, unit upsets, firing the heater or a specific pass harder, loss of charge pump, etc, the easier it is to determine pigging durations. I am happy to continue this discussion on this form & to be able to spak with you personally.

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