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Destination for Coke drum PSV relief

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    Cassandra Bramwell

    My refinery is designing a new delayed coking facility and were informed by the licensor that the PSV relief will be returned to the frcationator. However subsequent research and consultation with other refiners has revealed that since the early 90’s most cokers relief to the blowdown system.
    Can anyone provide the disadvantages of reliefing the coker PSV to the fractionator and the advantages/reasons for the industry switch to returning the PSV relief to the Blowdown System?
    Also should we decide to keep the design to relief the Coker PSV to the fractionator are there any precautions that we should bear in mind as we proceed with the design of the DCU.

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    Blowdown drum is the right destination, otherwise you may fill up your Fractioanator and OVH system with coke fines, if happens while coking; besides the fouling issues, it could eventually result in major equipment failure, especially if it occurs while quenching the drum; it also makes easier from recovering the unit after any event.

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    When you talk about the safety valves you are referring to those located at the top of drums or those that in some units placed between the furnaces and coke drums?

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    The safety valves I refer to are those located at the top of the coke drum

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    Cassandra Bramwell

    The Safety Relief Valves I refer to are those located on the top of the coke drum itself

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    Well, After 16 years working (design/operation)  in Delay coker, the blowdown  is  the best system to handle these discharges, in fact the design criteria of the entire system of blowdown, is associated with the discharge of these safety valves  during the cooling (quenching) with water (generally)

    I have seen a couple of times open those valves (foamover and plugging the top line) and the system has handle that discharge very well, only afterwards that we had to implement was a procedure for cleaning  the blowdown aircooler,
    I think the most common design in the last 20 years is discharge this valve to the blowdown
    Best Regards

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    Cassandra Bramwell

    Thank you espana 2005,we will surely consider your response as we proceed with our DCU design

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    Desh 562001

    Can the experts inform from their experience, as to which cycle of the coke drum have the PSVs popped up? should be during quenching surely! …….Thanks 

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    Claus Graf

    During quenching.
    During foamovers, if the overhead line gets plugged. However, some dcu’s have the relief valves mounted on the overhead line.
    In the coker I worked, each drum had 3 safety relief valves. Each one was mounted to the drum independently. The valves had different set pressures.

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