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Design of wash zone for coker main fractionator

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    We plan to retray our DCU main fractionator.
    Some vendor recommend us to install grid in the wash zone.
    We are worry about coking and fouling problem in the grid section.
    Is there any coker operating the main fractionator with this design?

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    fred genot

    we use a grid in the wash section for many years and never had any coke problems with it. We do have a constant flow of hot pumpback (wash-oil) just above the grid to keep the grid cleen.

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    If you use grid then you will have to use a significant amount of wash to keep it from fouling. This will result in high recycle generation, which generally is not desireable because recycle reduces the liquid product yeild. That is why the standard design for cokers wishing to maximize liquid product yield is an open spray chamber flash zonew design. Jerome K. DeHey I Cubed Energy Consulting, Inc. 281-573-8898

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