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Delta Valve Leakage

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    Neil Watson

    Installing a Delta Valves in 2009 & would like feedback on Delta Valves operation without steam purge & its associated leakage to atmosphere (if any). The thought is if the leakage is considerble that we should deploy a N2 back-up system to prevent hydrocarbon release to atmosphere….however very few companies todate have which would suggest that leakage is negligible.

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    Claus Graf

    The steam purge is to prevent the resid from entering the valve cavity. If there is a steam pressure loss, leakage can occur, and it will enter the cavity (bonnet).
    As with switch & overhead vapor valves, you need steam pressure to prevent the cavity from getting full of resid.
    At an extra heavy crude upgrader I worked a few years ago, they do not have any leakage through their bottom delta valve (installed 2005). They did have leakage, through the bolted transition spool. A welded transition spool is recommended.
    Regards, CG

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