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Delta Valve as alternate Drain

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    We are currently installing Delta Valves. The feed line goes into the Drum about 1½’above the slide valve blade. It seems to me that this area would allow for a solid base of coke that may uphold the Drum while opening the Delta Valve. If the Drum has not adequately drained and is full of water, the thought was that we could partially open the Delta Valve and perhaps use the Delta Valve as the drain valve. I am concerned now that this may not work very well due to the solid base of coke. This solid base may uphold the Drum full of water long enough for the valve to open and then let loose all at once. Has anyone experienced this?

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    coker squirrel

    I posted this question concerning the Delta Valve. I thought that I was logged on. Has anyone experienced any problems with the Delta Valve feed line configuration? I can also see another potential problem with this gap. When the Drum is put in Warm-up, this area would hold condensate (oily-water). When the Hot Feed is switched into the Drum, it seems to me that this condensate would flash and cause a pressure spike. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Pulling a vacuum on the coke drum should be a concern. However, we have witnessed operations draining coke drums using the Delta Valve at the Premcor (Valero) refinery in Port Arthur. They had their top heads off and top vent open during draining activities. Once their soak was complete, they just opened the Delta Valve and out came, coke & water, it emptied the entire contents in 7 minutes. To answer the other question, the Delta Valve must be cracked open to remove condensate prior to warming up to remove condensate unless limited by interlock.

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    You can drain coke and water with the DeltaValve. Contact DeltaValve to discuss steam requirements, prior to draining .

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    coker squirrel

    We have now been operating Delta Valves for nearly a year.  We have experienced what I call a “false bottom.”  The false bottom is the solidified layer of coke in between the Delta Valve gate and the feed line entry point.  Most of the time as we open the Delta Valve, an adequate amount of water does come out and we can drain that way, but at times we can open the Delta Valve full open and not get a very good drain for a few minutes then the “false bottom” falls out.  Sometimes this leads to a blowout.  Are there others experiencing simular events?

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    Colleagues! I need your help.
    At the moment I’m investigating the market in order to buy an unheading system of coke drums at our plant (“Ferganskiy Oil refinery”). The main search target is Delta Valve equipment. But there appeared manufacturers ready to produce analog equipment twice cheaper (approximately $500.000 for a valve DN 55″ for drum bottom). I need advice: is it possible to buy high quality equipment at such a price? Or it’s a handmade fake and there’s no use to spend time and strength of the coke industry on checking cheap lean equipment?
    Gulnara Izmaylova
    Engineer-Marketing Specialist

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    Dear Gulnara,

    You had asked about alternative Coker Drum Un/De-heading. I represent Zimmermann & Jansen. We manufacture this type of equipment. Please contact our office in Germany. Contact name: Ekaterina Chkola,, +(49) 2421-691-197 (main: +(49) 2421-691-0)  I’ll also try to contact you by myself.

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